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Cryptocurrencies: The gold of the 21st century

Irene de Espinoza
6 min read

Bitcoin, the best investment system.

The best time to invest in digital GOLD

The world economy changed forever and before getting into this very interesting topic, we must first know what is Bitcoin? The most popular cryptocurrency on the market compared to Gold.

From there we will understand the wide world of cryptocurrencies and its continuous growth. For many years, we believed only in safe investment based on gold. However, times change and modernize. Today we can count potential cryptos for large savings systems.

Every day the need for many companies to back their money in digital currencies grows, why? The devaluation of paper money or the great interest you get when investing in cryptocurrencies can be two potential reasons.

This has been a very significant year for cryptocurrencies, we have not yet come to an end, and it has left us endless aspirations. Bitcoin had its prominence with price drops that left us surprised, and today we see it at more than $60,000.

Investments that promise

What to say about the rest of the cryptocurrencies, some have been a real surprise, however the prominence and stability continue to go hand in hand with Bitcoin.

Gold rush equals cryptocurrencies

For many years and to this day, gold is considered by many to be the most powerful material resource for investment and savings. For some families, it was common to have valuables stored to sell in case of an emergency.

In the same way, merchants backed their savings in gold, some because of the continued growth of its value and others so as not to see their money devalued.

Bitcoin is considered the gold of the 21st century, and it is no wonder, this currency for various reasons has been very stable and powerful. We could be part of extraordinary falls in its price, but we also grew when its value increased.

Bitcoin power compared to GOLD

Witnessing true change and acceptance

There are countries that have given more than one vote of confidence to cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin. In Europe, we not only find the usual online trading platforms, we can also acquire fractions of BTC and other cryptocurrencies through ATMs. A simple way to be closer to cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin ATMs around the world

What else will we see? Amplitude in every sense, not just countries like El Salvador, but powerful nations taking out their own cryptocurrencies and having this world increasingly normal to work with.

There will be no corner that does not trade cryptocurrencies, in some way we will all have that connection that will lead us to power and sell these precious digital currencies.

The platforms or exchanges will be increasingly intuitive to speed up the incorporation of new traders.

As many failures as successes exist throughout the world of cryptocurrencies, stories of overcoming and daring, this new market has seized from the shadows of all control of the new way of investing and seeking more capital. It may be about investing a minimum to obtain good long-term profit percentages.

The risk will always be present

As long as we are aware of all the risks involved in investing in cryptocurrencies, we should not exaggerate the consequences.

Keeping a cool mind and taking short steps, little by little we will gain the confidence to increase our numbers.

The point will come that there will be no barriers that limit the trade of digital currencies. They will create new digital payment systems or monopolize a cryptocurrency for free trade in nations.

It is not an exaggeration to go to think about such situations, we see how we slowly monopolize some things, such as currencies, cultures, games and more. Soon, we will admire that cryptocurrencies will be in our most local businesses, and we will handle them for everything.

Many investors who have produced their own cryptocurrencies say that this is the best way to reach the next step for the future we want.

The mother of all bubbles in the hands of scammers

"Cryptocurrency will bring with it a new wave of criminals as an equally potential industry, which will include exchanges without any type of regulation, will have paid propagandists and scammers who seek to monopolize minor investors, those who are starting." Nouriel Roubini

It is possible that this is a reality, today it is not something new, people, projects or companies are strengthened by pyramid systems or trends of the moment to generate a greater flow of traders in the purchase of tokens.

A clear example of these systems is the millionaire scam of the famous SQUID token of the Squid Games. The token purchase was excessive thanks to the number of fans that the Netflix series handles. However, the buts were yet to come.

From one moment to another the token that reached more than $600 today is well below $1. The surprise is that it was not a gradual fall, in just 5 minutes we all observed the collapse of the currency.

Fictitious tokens designed for scams

Extremely careful regulated platforms

In Brokers and within these technologies there is a breakdown of other variables to defend the honest investor from the criminal. They are cracking down on the investment system, fictitious projects, and transaction chains.

Cryptocurrencies do not have financial backing with government entities and central banks, this being one of the main reasons for being chosen by many as investment systems. To avoid centralization and that people with power can control our assets.

Secure exchange platform

Cryptocurrencies: the investment in gold of the 21st century

Cryptocurrencies do not have a real value, it is all based on speculation, that is, the purchase and sale is what generates the rise or fall of the price with respect to the token.

However, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin generate long-term stability that maintains an interesting price based on interest.

Savings with projection

In this way we can argue that indeed the gold of the 21st century is in the digital world, even better it is about potential cryptocurrencies with a view to growing in an unbeatable way.

Invest in a modern economic system that can help us boost profits and that is not regulated or monitored by political or governmental systems.


Stanley Mario
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