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Lingerie for chubby: How to look sexy for that special person?

Maria de Piña
6 min read
Lingerie for chubby: How to look sexy for that special person?
Lingerie for chubby: How to look sexy for that special person?

Curvy girls are very self-conscious when it comes to sexy lingerie, but the truth is that lingerie for chubby women has a lot of variety. There is nothing wrong with buying lingerie, but many women are scared and more so if they are not thin.

Wearing sexy underwear has nothing to do with looking vulgar, and these types of garments are designed to be enjoyed in privacy. If you are a curvy girl and you want to surprise that special person, here we will give you some tricks to highlight your figure.

Why do chubby women run away from lingerie?

Lingerie for chubby: How to look sexy for that special person?
Why do chubby women run away from lingerie?

Before talking about clothes, styles and tricks, let's clarify why many are away from this type of clothing and why they shouldn't.

Curvy girls mostly feel embarrassed about some areas of their body and avoid showing them in all scenarios. This makes them think that they cannot look attractive in their underwear, but this is a misconception.

To begin with, the first thing you should know is that you need to know the advantages of your body, just as there are unfavorable areas, there are also others that stand out.

These can take great advantage with the right clothes and as for the areas that they do not like, they can also find alternatives in their favor. If your concern is about sizes, this is not an impediment, lingerie is not only made for thin ladies.

And as for the issue of external opinion, be clear that this type of clothing is not to be exhibited to the public. It is enough that you and your partner feel comfortable, happy and pleased with your appearance, so that said there is nothing that prevents you from wearing lingerie.

How to wear lingerie when curvy?

You will be surprised how this can favor you more than you think, of course you should reserve its application for special moments, but it will be very useful.

Here we show you some clothes and tips that will surely change your opinion of lingerie.

high waist tights

Lingerie for chubby: How to look sexy for that special person?
high waist tights

These will make you look elegant and sexy at the same time, even more so if you use them in conjunction with a bra of the same design.

Being high-waisted better defines your waist, slims your silhouette and draws attention away from your abdomen, which is great if you don't like showing off this area. 


Lingerie for chubby: How to look sexy for that special person?
Bralette lingerie for chubby

When it comes to bras, there are plenty to choose from, but non-wired bralettes are one of the best options for plus-size girls. These easily fit the body silhouette and enhance the bust without hurting your skin.

Another advantage is that their lace designs are striking and it is very easy to combine them with other types of garments for the rest of the look.

The magic of babydolls

Lingerie for chubby: How to look sexy for that special person?
Babydoll for curvy women

This garment is famous in terms of lingerie and there is not much to explain about it, what you should know is how to take advantage of it.

Try to wear one that you can fit enough in the chest to better define your figure, focusing attention on this area.

If what you want is to hide the abdomen area, try to make it a closed nightgown, if it is lace, silk or satin, use a color that is not too transparent. The more striking the bust design, the better it will look if you have a baby bump.


Lingerie for chubby: How to look sexy for that special person?
pantyhose for curvys

There is no man who is not fascinated by them, and if your legs are that part of your body that you do not consider very attractive, with them you will solve the problem.

Stockings are an icon of sensuality, but they also add elegance and playfulness to your appearance.

Combine or contrast them with the rest of your look and you will see how these help you show off slender legs without details.

Garters are optional, there are many types of models you can choose from to make your skin more or less noticeable.


Lingerie for chubby: How to look sexy for that special person?
corset for curvy

If you are looking for a garment that helps you define your silhouette, hide your love handles and exude sensuality, this is the most suitable one. Corsets are worn as tight as possible, but remember that the important thing is that you feel comfortable in it without forcing your breath.

There are all kinds of options, from leather to subtle silk, it's all in how you want to look and feel, this garment helps you look much more fitted and voluminous.

Tricks to wear lingerie well

Lingerie for chubby: How to look sexy for that special person?
Tips to look good in lingerie

Beyond the details regarding the benefit of the application of some garments, there are also other favorable data. Here are a couple of secrets to wearing bedroom clothes in the sexiest way.

Pay attention to your skin tone

Lingerie is no different in application than the rest of the garments, so before looking at the color of the clothes, take a good look at the tone of your skin. Remember that this type of clothing is smaller and the greater visual volume is on your body, so combine well.

Choose colors that stand out against your skin tone and highlight the areas on which you place the garments, do not use random colors, focus on creating harmony between your body and lingerie.

Black is an infallible weapon

If what you want is a more refined image then black is your color, this tone makes everyone who wears it look slimmer.

Try to buy an outfit that does not show too much skin, so you will cause a better effect, in this case pantyhose are highly recommended.

look for comfort

Don't wear pantyhose, thongs, bras, or any other type of tight clothing just to look sexy.

There is a whole world of designs and models, find clothes that make you feel good and comfortable, never forget that you should enjoy what you wear.

Attitude is your best garment

One thing to know is that no matter what brand of underwear you wear, if you wear it full of fear and lack of attitude, it won't make the impression you want.

Feel sure of yourself, you are beautiful and the lingerie you wear will only be admired by a person who sees you like that.

Take a positive attitude when you wear lingerie, be seductive, naughty or flirtatious and make the clothes you wear match your personality, bringing out the best in you.