Renew your home with these ideas of modern rooms with little space

Maria de Piña
6 min read

Having a few m² is not a limitation to have a modern room, since innovative styles are not governed by space, but by the creativity that is possessed for interior design.

You can completely renovate a space with fresh ideas, trends that this year have gained greater strength for the decoration of small rooms.

These offer functionality as a strong point of the decorative elements and at the same time save space.

A modern style in a small room is possible, so you cannot miss any of the ideas for modern rooms that we will show you.

Say goodbye to boring and old-fashioned style with these trends

We will show you a range full of modern ideas and innovative styles that are setting trends this year for the decoration of small rooms, so take note of what you will see below.

Minimalist modern rooms

Renew your home with these ideas of modern rooms with little space
Minimalist room with white walls and gray armchair.

The philosophy of "less is more" continues to be a trend and more for small spaces.

If we fully understand how to use it in our living room, we are gaining not only a great modernist style, but also space.

The fact of gaining space is due to the fact that, by reducing the amount of furniture and decorative elements, we expand the panorama.

If we have a small space, interior design should try to save space, since it relieves the area, which allows us to better appreciate the style.

The modern minimalist style emphasizes the contrast of light and dark colors.

An example of this is white, which when implemented on the walls offers spaciousness and light to the area, but accompanied by decorations in shades such as black, gray or blue in its dark tones.

Maximize the results by using modern decorations with different textures and materials.

The most used within this trend are glass, aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, concrete, PVC, vinyl and acrylic, in elements such as lamps, pictures, furniture and small accessories.

Modern paintings

Renew your home with these ideas of modern rooms with little space
The trend of modern paintings

The paintings are widely used elements for the decoration of the rooms, but when looking for a modern style we have to bear in mind that they are directed to a minimalist trend.

The paintings must have modern art, which must handle a color palette of between 2 and 4 tones.

In turn, the number of frames is reduced, since in the modern style a maximum of 3 frames of average size is used, or only one in large size.

If you want to get a modern look by implementing photos, the best way to do it is by using black and white.

Using this contrast of colors in photos creates a more avant-garde style while keeping the number of frames reduced.


Renew your home with these ideas of modern rooms with little space
Japandi style

This is an innovative style similar to minimalism, with a very marked design of a cultural mix. It emphasizes the decoration in the combination of modern, but rustic Scandinavian style with traditional Japanese.

Within this style, light colors take an important role, such as white, light gray, cream and light beige, these being the predominant ones on the walls. On the other hand, the use of elements such as wood in furniture is essential, since they offer the Japanese touch.


Renew your home with these ideas of modern rooms with little space
Typography in frame and wall

The art of phrases and letters in the decorative accessories of the house is a widely used idea for small rooms.

This is because the implementation of various messages in decorative objects offers a different and modern touch in an environment with few resources.

The typography in decorative elements are striking and highlight the decoration in general.

They are widely used in paintings, although we can also see them in cushions, curtains, tables or carpets.

However, care must be taken with these elements, since depending on the design of the object, it can have numerous clustered phrases, so if many elements with typography are used in a small room there is a risk of overloading the space.

The best thing to have a small space is to use them in a reduced way, so you can use 1 or 2 different elements with typography.

Rustic and modern vintage

Renew your home with these ideas of modern rooms with little space
Modern living room with a rustic vintage atmosphere

The vintage trend never stops, this time for the decoration of small rooms offers to use old and rustic-looking elements to create a modern and innovative image.

This trend is widely used in old houses or apartments, where sophistication is given through renovation with decorative elements.

For this idea of modern rooms, it is common to see exposed brick, antique design rugs and renovated elements such as industrial tables, rustic wooden tables and industrial style lamps.

As for the furniture, you can play between the modern and the old, combining antique-looking furniture with more modern ones. The style of these two offers the perfect balance to create a vintage, but modern style.

Although it is a trend that is handled for large spaces, in a small space it can be implemented by choosing only the essential elements that allow you to create the rustic and modern vintage effect. Among the elements are: the main furniture, lamps and small decorations.

Natural and earthy tones

Renew your home with these ideas of modern rooms with little space
Living room with furniture in terracotta color

This trend in shades promotes a modern style with natural inspiration. A color palette that offers warmth and modernism in a single space.

The most used colors are terracotta, beige, brown, shades of warm greens and deep blues, but these are always in contrast to the light base colors.

The correct way to use this trend is to use light colors on the walls and more intense colors in the decorations.

Both white and beige are a perfect base to highlight earthy and natural colors.

You can combine colors and textures in the trend color palette to create a totally different atmosphere giving warmth.

A modern room is defined by having innovative and interesting styles, which break the barrier of m², the success in decorating your small room does not depend on the space, it depends on your desire to renovate.