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Souls do not live alone.

Before incarnating in a physical body, that is, before materializing, the soul makes plans: In what circumstances does it want to live its new experience, with what family, even with what body, with what emotional and sentimental world?

Would you choose to live in a problematic family, with parents who are drug addicts, abusers or even murderers, deprived of the sense of sight or deaf and mute? Would you choose to be born in a refugee camp in Africa, in nations at war, in a current South American tribe?

The souls before materializing, make pacts of love, choose forms of violent death of the body where they are going to incarnate, so that the pain and suffering are brutal and, at the same time, are the fuel that drives the consciousness to become conscious.

And where do you get that nonsense? Sometimes a friend asks me. You are going to tell me that someone would choose to be born in poverty, with physical problems, such as a disability. There are children who are born without arms or legs, at birth they have had a problem and live with a disability all their lives. Are you going to tell me that someone wants that for their life?

If we could choose, we would surely do so in harmonious families, in quiet countries and where, at least, a dignified life could be lived. Don't you think we all want to live a decent life?

Encounters – Jose  Vale – WebMediums
Millions of people live below the poverty line.

There are people who commit crimes when they are young and are sentenced to live the rest of their lives in prison. Do you think someone in their right mind would choose to live years in jail?

Let's reason together: There is a higher intelligence, which integrates all intelligences, logic, artistic, appreciation of beauty, human relationships and everything that could be grouped under the term Loving Intelligence. She is and has always been omnipotent and alien to spacetime.

It is the unmanifested, what cannot be encompassed with the mind, for a very simple reason: the created cannot catch up with the creator. And since the creator can do everything, would you create a galaxy, billions of galaxies? In those Galaxies would you create inanimate things, like stones and water or oxygen?

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The manifested has been created by the unmanifested.

Would you create millions and millions of life forms? From unicellular organisms, through animals and plants, to the human being. — Yes of course. And why would the creator want to bring unhappy beings to life, prey to suffering, crippled, blind or deaf? What would the creator, if he really is omnipotent, want to create so much unhappiness and misery, so many diseases and natural calamities and violent deaths?

Do you think that if cold did not exist, someone could know heat? If there were no darkness, could someone explain what light is? If there were no evil, could someone define good? It seems that duality is the way in which the unmanifested finds a way to manifest, but it just seems to be, I can't be sure.

That is why I perceive that there are soul encounters, and when they occur, people feel an unmistakable vibration that that being with whom you have encountered has a different attractive force than other people. Have you ever felt it?

Well now that you say it, I have felt it. And I have observed that there are people who have a great force of attraction, who have something that makes them different. Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tzu and an endless list. Who have they been?

They have been the cool shade where the traveler stops, the well of clean water that allows us to quench our thirst, the music that softens us. — You mean the teachers. No, my dear friend. The teacher is the brother-in-law we cannot bear, the rebellious son, the murderer who truncates the life of a beloved relative, the great dictators, the worst of the human race.

Encounters – Jose  Vale – WebMediums
The true teachers.

The ones who have taught us to hate? No. The ones who have given us the opportunity to cultivate tolerance, compassion and forgiveness. These are the true teachers, they are the souls who have had the courage to expose themselves to repudiation, bring out the worst, delve into our miseries, so that, at the same time, it may appear, sprout like a seed from the earth, the unconditional love that it is the very essence of our source. You understand? — Yes, I understand, and with me that they do not count to forgive murderers, madmen with bad feelings.

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