Lion King causes controversy

Suria Ibañez
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The Lion King has already broken box office records only in its first days of release with its new “live action” version, however before this Disney was accused of alleged plagiarism.

The Lion King film was compared to the famous Japanese series "Kimba" The White Lion which premiered in 1965 and was brought to the United States of America.

Lion King causes controversy – Movie News – WebMediums

The similarities between these two characters start from the name Simba and Kimba, but this is not all because the story is about a young lion of African origin who is forced to mature in the absence of his father. In addition, the opponent is another lion in adulthood, with a black mane, who has hyenas as followers, although in this case there is a slight difference. Kimba only has two.

It is also said that Zazu and Rafiki are other characters that appear in Kimba but were slightly modified by Disney.

The team that worked on the film said they did not know the Kimba series created by Tezuka the famous "Japanese Walt Disney." Machiko Satonaka produced an open letter to Disney that contains a list of similarities and in which she asks to pay tribute to Osamu Tezuka in at least a few lines.

Lion King causes controversy – Movie News – WebMediums
Simba and kimba
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