“Matrix Resurrections”: All you need to know about the history of the chosen Reeves

Grecia De Flores
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The return of the chosen has been expected since 2003 where neo managed to free the zion of the world of machines and bring a tranquility, from which a new return was expected in the world of the cinema.

Being this a revolutionary story that I take inspiration to animated films of the 90s as it is “Ghost in the Shell”, “Akira” emblematic in Japanese culture and the great cinema of martial arts, along with the multiple philosophical currents that gave rise to this wonderful universe.

Which would be a completely risky film for society that was prepared for “The end of the world” and an Internet that was being born, so it was quickly a Worship film with a budget and the dubious faith of the Warner managers before the now Sisters Wachowski.

“Matrix Resurrections”: All you need to know about the history of the chosen Reeves
The return of the chosen

Interesting questions and theories that exist around the trailer of Matrix 4

And this is something that only real fans know, because The Matrix did not end in its third installment, because it would continue with a series of comic that were issued during the second and third film of Matrix, To be able to explain the “Argumental Hoys” in history.

Because this film counted with a series of stories in a movie called “Animatrix” thrown after recharging matrix, showing the diverse Experiences and alternative worlds within Matrix, to deepen more in understanding how the program works in humans.

In turn, it shows the various arts that were performed on the film, from the anime to computer generated images, where we can see how humans burned the sky to control the machines and how they researched humans in a World Hostile, creating Matrix.

On the other hand, it shows us a Neo Detective in the 1950s, being persecuted by a Smith program and being intercepted by Trinity, to provide you with the opportunity to go out into the real world.

Why is the new trailer shown as a reboot of the universe?

These are data that have not been left loose and that the big connoisseurs of the saga try very well, since after the revolution of the machines and the attack on the last citadel in Zion, Neo ends its life to end the uncontrolled Smith program.

In this way, the war ends up giving in an agreement to free up more human minds of the Matrix program and bring a new rebirth to humanity, so in this sense Morpheus requests the body of the elected to the Machines, who comment that “is not under your power”.

Since Neo himself thought that peace has a limited time, he divided his body into several avatars and disintegrated in the world, so Morpheus does not know this reality and either the machines, which makes the mystery each Greatest time.

Being this part of the fragment of the Canon story, of the online video game called “The Matrix Online” where which was released in 2005 and its servers gave closure In 2009, which comment part of the aforementioned story about what happened after the war.

So the helicopters seen in the trailer and the current commands, responds to the possible appearance of an enigmatic villain who killed Morpheus after committing terrorist attacks inside Matrix, to free up human minds in mass violating Your own protocols.

The premiere of Matrix is getting closer and will answer great questions in the story.

If you are a new fan of this saga, and you are knowing them now, it is important that you see your previous films and read the short comics, but if you like to extend more the experience you can walk for “The Path of Neo” Encouraging the mythical chosen as playing “Between Matrix”.

Because “The Matrix Online” Not that asset, but it is possible to find documentation of the story in the forums of this Great Film, For now it only has to wait until the arrival of December 17, 2021, to be able to enjoy this wonderful story that, so many has amazed.

Since seeing the humble and honorable Keanu Reeves, on the big screen is a pleasure for so many great fanatics of the actor, as for the new generations that follow their wonderful work that follow in “Matrix Resurrections”.