Monte is Hollywood's most famous dog in Lady and the Tramp

Samanta Ruiz
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Monte, the little dog that was saved from death is the story with a happy ending of a homeless man, from sad life on the streets to Hollywood stardom.

Remakes are the order of the day in recent years, The Lion King (1994), Dumbo (1941) and Alladin (1992) had their reversal this year. On November 12 through Disney Streaming, The Lady and the Tramp will be released, whose original version is from 1955.

Mark Forbes, the “Lady and the Trumpanimal trainer, was looking for a sloppy-looking dog to play Tramp the hobo and found it at HALO, Animal Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona.

Monte, a shaggy 2-year-old terrier mix, had a rough life on the streets, he was in an animal shelter when rescuers saved him from that sad life and perhaps death.

Monte is Hollywood's most famous dog in Lady and the Tramp – Movie News

The president and CEO of HALO said that the shelters work in conjunction with institutions such as Animal Service Center Melissa Valley, Las Cruces, New Mexico, and other shelters, as Monte ended up in their care.

Heather Allen pointed out that the ASCMV sent them rescued dogs from the streets and Monte arrived with them at HALO and with 50 other dogs on April 26, 2018.

Monte entered the training stage at the shelter and the employees noticed his fantastic personality, he liked being with people, saying hello and kissing, he knew how to sit and walk well with his leash.

Hollywood animal trainer Mark Forbes is always looking for animals for productions and with Lady and the Tramp in pre-production, he found the one.

Scruffy and socially talented, Monte was chosen to be the star of the film and will share the bill with a cocker spaniel named Rose.

Monte is Hollywood's most famous dog in Lady and the Tramp – Movie News

The voices for the film will be voiced by Justin Theroux as the voice of Tramp (Gulf) and Tessa Thompson Lady (Queen). Sam Elliott, Janelle Monae and Yvette Nicole Brown also participate with their voices in this new version.

HALO, the temporary shelter for abandoned dogs and cats, was founded in 1994 and is chaired by two women. Michel Herstam and Heather Allen, who take care of receiving, giving veterinary attention, socializing and placing in new homes more than 4,000 dogs a year rescued from the streets in the United States.

Today Monte lives in California and his life took a complete turn, from being a homeless man on the streets of New Mexico to playing a legendary movie tramp and thanks to his not-so-beautiful appearance and his skills with people, Mark Forbes fell in love., the animal trainer from the movie.