The Venice Mostra about to become a space for psychoanalysis

Samanta Ruiz
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Two notable films have been presented this Thursday at the 76th edition of the legendary festival, one that focuses on the isolation and loneliness of a man in space and the other on a painful marriage breakdown.

Brad Pitt embarks on a sci-fi tour of Ad Astra, by director James Gray, which will premiere on September 20 in Spain. While the actors Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver are the main interpreters of A Marriage Story, by Noah Baumbach, which will be seen in December on the Netflix platform.

The Venice Mostra about to become a space for psychoanalysis

Both films are self- referential, the uncertainty of loneliness in space, comes from past stories of the director himself, from nostalgia caused by unhappy personal situations.

The history of space revolves around the disappearance of an astronaut among the stars. Years later, it turns out that perhaps he is alive and Roy, his son, must find the answer on the other side of the universe.

Ad Astra is far from being an epic space movie to present itself as an inner vision of need to discover who you are. Some similarity with Kubrick's The Heart of Darkness or 2001: A Space Odyssey, to imagine how a small being feels in the vastness of lonely infinity.

A feeling of unease that is difficult to convey to the viewer, but achieved mostly by the great fantastic performance of Pitt, a son who goes on an adventure to find himself and his own story.

A Marriage Story, is the frictionless story of the divorce of Baumbach and actress Jennifer Jason Leigh. Personalized situation that this outstanding director has been encouraged to tell, exposing himself to recall unhappy situations, and as he himself said, it forced him many times to go out and take a breath, during filming.

The Venice Mostra about to become a space for psychoanalysis

The story of divorce is painful, love ends. Despite mutual admiration and respect, that is not enough, and they fall into failure, because individual virtues are not enough to build a relationship of two. Far from falling into common places, the story is very emotional, the performances are outstanding, and the end result has been fantastic.