After attack to oil ships the United States deploys more than 1000 troops heading to the Middle East

Jesús Tremont
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During the course of June 17, the current secretary of defense Patrick Shanahan has made public this Monday that the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, along with his administration, will be responsible for sending one thousand troops to the Middle East due to the recent flow of tensions that have unfolded with the Iranian nation.

Over the past few days, tension regarding geopolitical issues between Iran and the United States has taken on a considerable alert status. In fact, the state of the relationship between the two nations is in such delicate figures that the American nation (thanks to the Trump administration) considered the deployment of more than 1,000 US troops heading to the Middle East relevant.

Although this measure seems somewhat impressive at first sight, apparently it is being carried out in response to a request announced by the central command dedicated to defense issues (or in English: Central Command for defensive purposes) which demanded an increase in the forcefulness with which measures were implemented in response to the actions for which Iran is considered responsible.

The current secretary of defense Shanahan ruled on June 17 to clarify that the measure to send to the Middle East so many troops from his country is due to demand an immediate response against air, naval and earth threats that represents the Middle East . The US authorities have accused Iran in recent days of perpetrating attacks on two oil tankers; accusations that Iran's foreign minister has already denied.

Photo of one of the burning oil tankers.

"The recent Iranian attacks validate the reliable and credible intelligence we have received from hostile behavior by Iranian forces and their" proxy groups "that threaten United States personnel throughout the region," the secretary said while explaining that despite this, the United States is not actively seeking any kind of conflict with Iran.

According to reports, this decision was made effective in the hours after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo planned to meet with the commanders of the US military in order to point out more evidence that the Iranian nation is responsible for the attacks.

The Iranian foreign minister, Javad Zarif, quickly denied the accusations, citing the lack of evidence to incriminate Iran except for a series of unwelcome coincidences.

In spite of the declarations of the high officials in Iran that indicate not to have been a part nor to want to take part in any type of conflict, everything seems to indicate that the nation of the Middle East will not remain of crossed arms in case some threat compromises its National security. Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman said in an interview for an Arab news outlet that he would not hesitate to face any threat to the region.

Despite the seriousness with which this event occurs, there is a high probability that this will be considered only as a preventive measure by the government of the United States, since there are slight discrepancies in the reports regarding the nature of the attack perpetuated. However, if something is certain, no type of conflict would be ideal for the nations involved.


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