British police is condemned to life imprisonment for violating and assassinating Sarah Everard

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British police is condemned to life imprisonment for violating and assassinating Sarah Everard
One of the many evidence of the murder by the police

Once culminated the judgment of the British policeman, the judge has made it very clear that there will be no possibility of redemption of grief, which indicates that the former police officer will have to spend the rest of his life within a jail.

The name agent Wayne Cunzens, belonging to the Metropolitan Police of London, until last year has been sentenced to life imprisonment this Thursday, has been accused by kidnapping, rape and murderof Sarah Everard E Losing last March.

The judge in charge of the case Adrian Fulford has been responsible for making sure that all the weight of the Law falls against the former agent, so when pronouncing the sentence in the Court of the Old Bailey I leave clear that the redemption of grief will not exist.

The policeman of Scotland Yard of only 48 years should spend the rest of his life behind the bars, because there will be no possibility of probation in his case.

The case of Sarah Everard

British police is condemned to life imprisonment for violating and assassinating Sarah Everard
Sarah Everard 33 years old

Sarah Everard was a 33-year-old girl who was dedicated to the marketing executive, his disappearance and death moved across the country, causing the repudiation of people and a wave of protests.

The citizens let their concern know about the lack of insecurity especially against women, this before the macho violence that is increasingly frequent.

The fact that the perpetrator of the crime was a police officer made the situation much worse, affecting a large part of the community and those who were demanding justice.

The young woman visited some of her best friends in the neighborhood on March 3 in Claphan south of London. When she was walking back home in Brixton Hill she encountered the police Conzens around nine thirty at night.

The agent was identified as a policeman and based on the special pandemic laws he decided to stop and handcuff her unfairly. It is believed that counzens had been waiting for your victim in this case, in this case it touched Sarah Everard, who after being handcuffed was placed in the back of a Vehicle that the agent had rented.

From there he drove about 80 kilometers southeast of England, once there he proceeded to rape her and then the ranges without mercy. To try not to leave any trace or footprint, he decided to burn the body of the young woman and throw it to a swamp in Kent's forest to Kent. It should be noted that neither the aggressor nor the victim knew each other, so any kind of revenge or account adjustment was discarded.

The tests were more than forceful

British police is condemned to life imprisonment for violating and assassinating Sarah Everard
Wayne Cunzens and Sarah Everard before his murder

It had to spend a week of intense search to give with the suspect, during that time the community and the British media exerted great pressure against the police bodies, demanding response on the brutal crime. It was just as they managed to stop the suspect of the crime who resulted in being one of his own agents.

Couzens made an effort to deny everything from the beginning, then to invent a blackmail and a debt with an alleged gang of immigrants, who had forced him to hand over the girl.

But after the strong pressure of the agents for him to say the truth, the aggressor had no choice but to be guilty, mainly because the researchers already had irrefutable proofs, so he had nothing that do.

A key piece for the discovery of the murderer was a witness of the place who witnesses the moment in which Couzens Husband to the woman and the amount in the car, this person of incognito data thought it was a Normal arrest during the police guard.

In search of a single woman to attack

British police is condemned to life imprisonment for violating and assassinating Sarah Everard
Sarah's murder at the hands of a police officer

Wayne Cumunzens had been waiting for a long time for a while for a while to be able to act. According to all the tests collected the Judge Fulford rated this event as grotesque and brutal, a tragic and devastating case that everyone surprised.

In the sentence towards the agent he was accused of taking advantage of the confidence of the public in the police and to make women now feel less secure when they are walking down the street and meet an agent, as happened with Sarah.

The aggressor who is sent to support the security of the Diplomatic Body had planned the attack since several weeks, who wanted to commit a violent sexual assault no matter who was his victimary.

That is why he decided to go hunting a woman alone to kidnap her and rape her, all this had been planned until the last detail. Despite being discovered and having many tests against him, the killer has not shown repentance for the commitment.

Couzens He has not wanted to pronounce a single word on the facts. The parents of the young woman murdered in confession in public that when they discovered everything he had spent faced the aggressor, asked him to look at them and tiled him from showing him and being the worst of humanity.

The community cries a safer world and more responsible police bodies

British police is condemned to life imprisonment for violating and assassinating Sarah Everard
More security for women in London

After knowing the condemnation against the aggressor, many voices have emerged that ask for the resignation of the maximum responsible for the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, but despite what you think and ask for the community, the parents of Sarah has thanks police investigators who participated in the search for head of the murder of Sarah.

Parents of victimation have ensured that the police officer has given them support at all times and that they have done a very good job, so they agree to be pleased by the judge's results and decision. “Knowing that the aggressor is in jail and will stay there always is a relief for us. The world without a doubt is a safer place with him behing bars”. Sarah's parents said.

After Couzens guilty it has become part of the group of convicts with non-reviewable perpetual chain. Currently, there are around 40 inmates who comply with this condition in British prisons, but the agent becomes the first police to receive this type of judgment.

Both the judge, and his companions and community consider that it has been the most appropriate sentence for the act so grotesque and brutal that he committed against the young Sarah Everard of only 33 years who had a bright future before her.

Now with the murderer behind bars, people believe that justice was done and expect police institutions to have a little more control over each of their active agents.