Dan Howell "Basically I'm GAY "

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Dan Howell publicly recited my video titled "Basically I am GAY". The 28-year-old boy born in Wokingham (Berkshire, England) wanted to give a message of support to the organizations that work for the rights of homosexuals and in the process show that being gay is a normal condition and there should be no homophobia.

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Daniel Howell Basically I'm Gay

In the video, Dan Howell assures that humans are mistaken in considering sex as a fundamental pillar and that we live in a heteronormative world, which is a word that causes fear everywhere, because people feel attacked all the time without any reason.

Manifest that you must leave aside the reason why being or not being heterosexual would be good. But nevertheless, Dan Howell says he still does not know his sexual preference, but it is a sensitive issue that prefers to continue studying. Although he clarifies, he feels completely happy to become gay or take another path.

However, throughout the video that is still in English, he says that there were moments when he preferred to take his own life, but his desire to change things causes him to stay in this changing world.

Along the Dan Howell Basically I'm Gay he has moments where he has felt attacked and has seen how drugs have influenced his environment, to the point of not feeling safe at home. In addition, he states that at a given moment in his childhood he felt homophobic because of all the pressure he received.

In general, Dan Howell in basically I am gay manifests on all the social pressures that the stars have at the moment of revealing their sexual partners or preferences. So, in some cases they prefer to hide them before going out to show them to the public.

We will keep updating the news about Daniel Howell Basically Gay, which translates Dan Howell "I'm basically GAY."

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Dan Howell "Basicamente soy GAY"
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