Devastating find of hundreds of stranded dolphins

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The reasons are still unknown, what if it is true is that hundreds of dolphins have been found stranded on Boa Vista Island in Cape Verde, specifically off the coast of West Africa.

Devastating find of hundreds of stranded dolphins – News – WebMediums
Image of the event

What is known about dolphins?

More than 160 lion-headed dolphins have been found dead on the shore of an island beach.

Scientists have taken samples of these specimens hoping to be able to clarify the facts soon.

At the moment the autopsies of the cetaceans have begun, in order to know what could have happened.

Those who were found alive were being returned to the sea, but without any explanation, they were stranded again, so there were hundreds of stranded dolphins that ended up dying.

Until a few hours ago, there were still dolphins alive, but it is believed that they ended up dying as well.

Devastating find of hundreds of stranded dolphins – News – WebMediums
Image of the event

Possible causes of stuck dolphins

The high levels of pollution that man himself produces in these beautiful and paradisiacal beaches could be one of the reasons for these hundreds of stranded dolphins.

In addition, environmental organizations speak that this is part of the consequences of the immense problem of climate change.

Environmentalists comment on the fact

The Loro Parque foundation, which has been very active in the rescue and supporting scientists, has said that this traffic jam has happened in previous days and that no matter how hard the few found alive tried to return to the water, they returned to shore again.

They have also stated that perhaps the lead dolphin was disoriented by deviating from its route, due to the underwater relief of the area.