Google's tribute to the Peruvian singer Lucha Reyes

Fermín Gómez
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Today's popular Google Doodle celebrates Lucha Reyes, a Peruvian singer whose powerful and soulful voice was known to captivate all Peruvians.

Lucha Reyes was born in the district of Rímac, Lima in a poor family with 15 siblings on July 19, 1936, she became one of the most beloved singers in all of Peru.

The singer sold newspapers and washed other people's clothes to earn a living. The talent of Lucha Reyes was discovered in the legendary Creole club "El Sentiment de los Barrio". Her vocal power would soon lead her to perform at the Pizarro Theater and the famous Peña Ferrando.

In 1970, he released his first album entitled "La Morena de Oro del Perú", which included songs like "Regresa", which became a classic music.

Google's tribute to the Peruvian singer Lucha Reyes – News – WebMediums

This Criollo Waltz adapted the European musical form with a South American flavor, using two guitars and a box-shaped drum called a cajon. Lucha Reyes ' heartbreaking rendition of lyrics like "Vuelve, albeit to say goodbye" made her a star immediately.

During his career, Lucha Reyes helped popularize Creole music, a unique style of music that blends Afro-Peruvian and Andean musical traditions and expresses the sentiments of ordinary people.

Google's tribute to the Peruvian singer Lucha Reyes – News – WebMediums

On October 31, 1973, at age 37 and in poor health, Lucha Reyes died of a heart attack. His death coincided with the date on which the Creole Song Day is commemorated in Peru. His legacy and his beautiful voice are kept alive in the memory of the Peruvian people and of every human being who loves good music.