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Incredible fall of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram

Users reported failures on all three platforms

Alvaro Salazar
3 min read

Today October 4 for a couple of hours these services are completely out of service. This has caused a great impact on users, especially on the WhatsApp platform, who did not wait to convey their discontent.

Previously, the virtual communication platforms WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram had experienced temporary server outages, however, this only happened for a few minutes. The free messaging company WhatsApp was the most prone to problems like this.

Thousands of people from all over the world are reporting problems with these applications, which is making them difficult to use.

Incredible fall of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram – News – WebMediums
WhatsApp crash

How is this developing on WhatsApp?

In the case of WhatsApp, the messaging service is completely offline. When sending a message, it only remains on the clock and the information is not sent.

This error also affects the WhatsApp Web version, since the page to link the device with the laptop or computer cannot be loaded.

A few minutes after the start of the problem, WhatsApp reported on Twitter saying:

"We are aware that some people are experiencing problems with WhatsApp at the moment. We are working to get things back to normal and will send an update here as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience."

Facebook is down

The same thing happens with Facebook lite, it is not working. When you try to enter the application you can not even start feed, the application shows loading to enter and it stays that way.

However, when entering the official Facebook platform we can only see the content that is cached or downloaded. If we try to enter from the web, it will happen the same as WhatsApp Web, if you are trying to enter your Facebook account from your browser, it is better that you give up.

Some users report that they have been able to enter the platform although they have several errors such as not being able to send messages or upload content to their accounts.

Instagram is also out of order

You can enter Instagram without any problems. Only that the social network does not allow to reload the feed.

You cannot see new stories or reels unless they are already downloaded, and the option to upload content is disabled.

Users are waiting for the service to be rehabilitated, and there is no need for the large number of memes that have been presented on networks such as twitter.