Like a Biblical Plague: Millions of Grasshoppers Invade Las Vegas

 Jender Milano
2 min read

Apparently, the phenomenon is related to rainfall and humidity in the region, but the inhabitants are beginning to worry because, apart from the images in the Animal Planet documentaries and similar Channels, it is not common for the people of the area to see such a plague unleashed.

Being a tourist area par excellence, these restless visitors found the inhabitants of the area and unsuspecting tourists, creating alarm in all the streets where these animals at times create thick layers on the ground, doors and entrances to shops and houses, a unique phenomenon and something scary.

Like a Biblical Plague: Millions of Grasshoppers Invade Las Vegas

Migration from Northern Arizona

Some specialists have clarified that the phenomenon is due to the peculiarity of winter in northern Arizona in terms of humidity, even in the spring the area has been excessively humid, and these animals follow their instinct to look for slightly drier places.

The Luxor hotel is one of the most luxurious in Las Vegas and now also has these grasshoppers as daily visitors. Before the alarm and questions from the affected communities and businesses, Jeff Knight, who is an entomologist for the Nevada Department of Agriculture, has clarified that it is something completely natural but will not be permanent, however, it is expected to last between 6 or 8 days plus.

Sky Beam Ray of Light shows thousands of grasshoppers

When invading Las Vegas, these little animals have followed their instincts and looked for intense sources of light, that is why in large hotels with giant advertisements, casinos, they have come directly to approach the lights. The Luxor Casino and Hotel has a very famous ray of light known as Sky Beam, the strongest ray of light in the world and where today at night, when you turn it on, thousands of grasshoppers are seen in the light.

"They do not transmit diseases. They do not bite. They are not even one of the species that we consider a problem. Maybe they won't do much damage to the yard", said entomologist Jeff Knight.