Lion Air accident in indonesia

What we know about what happened in Lion Air accident in Indonesia.

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Lion Air accident in indonesia – News – WebMediums

On the morning of this Monday october 29th the flight disappeared JT 610 of Lion of the radar. Three minutes after takeoff.

Was composed of 189 people three of them were children. It was about a Boeing 737 MAX 8, that came from Jakarta, he was going to Pangkal Pinang on the island of bangka. It was estimated that the flight was one hour.

According to the latest news only debris, vests, life jackets and a cell phone have been found on the shores of Java near where officials believe he fell silent.

So far what is known is this:

They find debris and objects of passengers, bags, bills, cell phones, and clothing. All this was left inside the debris discovered floating near the site of the flight accident. jT 610 of Lion Air monday.

Lion Air accident in indonesia – News – WebMediums

At this moment multiple groups of rescuers, teams from three cities, helicopters and boats are doing a hard job working 34 miles nautical to the northwest of the coast near Jakarta to find remains in the sea of ​​the plane.

According to the authorities, they are still trying to locate the main fuselage. the search teams are working in the event that the plane is sunk and use equipment to try to detect a submarine location beacon.

The director of operations of the agencyBambang Suryo Aji, said that at least 6 bodies have been recovered from the site of the fateful accident.

The cause of the catastrophe is still unknown, it crashed about 13 minutes after the takeoff of Jakarta but it is very unlikely that weather conditions had anything to do with it.

It is reported that in the general area there were thunderstorms but not in the place where the plane disappeared from the radar. As reported by the meteorologist of the Haley Brink

It was a new plane I had just 800 flight hours, the previous night he had presented and reported problems even so he was authorized to take off on Monday by the engineers.

Nugroho Budi Wiranto indonesian search and rescue agency operations official reported that the recovery efforts will last 7 days, at the end of that period they will decide if they should be extended by another three.

It is also known that 20 ministers' officials they were on the flight returning to their posts in pangkal Pinang after having spent the weekend with their families in Jakarta, said the minister of Finance of Indonesia, Sri Mulyani Indrawati.

A government official told the cNN that since the accident Australian government officials and contractors have been warned not to fly with Lion Air.

For its part, the government of Australia commented that the decision will be reviewed when the findings of the accident problem are clear.

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Accidente de Lion Air en indonesia
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