Megan Rapinoe receives the Best award with a speech that would mark history

Cristian García
2 min read

Recently, the famous FIFA The Best event was held, which seeks to commemorate those characters who made history during the last year of the world of football. Thus, Megan Rapinoe would be receiving the Best Player award thanks to his participation in the World Cup in France. What has stood out the most of all has been his speech, which would have generated the ovation of the entire audience?

Megan Rapinoe receives the Best award with a speech that would mark history

Megan Rapinoe made soccer history this year, after commemorating herself as one of the best players in the sport and, in addition, she would set all kinds of standards high before the men's sports tournaments that are held annually. Thus, said player would be giving a speech that sought to end all types of existing discrimination against women.

Megan Rapinoe gives a speech at The Best, which elicits an ovation from the entire audience

Megan Rapinoe received The Best award from FIFA President Gianni Infantino. In this way, said character would have started his reception speech with some extremely forceful words:

This year has been extremely incredible in the field of women's football. I am sorry for those who have just found out about this fact, they have arrived late, but we forgive them, We have a great opportunity to be professionals, we are very successful, we have great showcases. Share your success. We can use this magnificent game to change the world for the better.

In this way, Megan Rapinoe would have highlighted the global racism and discrimination that continues to exist, despite having evolved and learned from a variety of mistakes from previous years. For this reason, he urged all footballers to make their effort to build a better world, where all people can live in harmony.

This 2019, without a doubt, would have been an incredible event for women and, above all, for those characters of the feminist movement. In this way, perhaps due to this movement, the last women's soccer World Cup managed to generate great attention and generated a series of spectators never seen before.