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Texas, the hope for many migrants

Luis Francisco Gamez
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Texas, the hope for many migrants – News – WebMediums
Group of migrants crossing the Rio Grande.

Over the last few months we have read a lot of news about the number of migrants who are waiting for an opportunity to move to North American territory, in search of a better future.

Thousands of people are located in the famous wide river crossing in the state of Texas.

Hundreds of men, women and children, who only wait for the slightest opportunity to cross this pass that has become so famous in recent days.

The southern border of the United States currently has a strong immigration problem.

With the massive arrival of migrants, mostly Haitians, the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has asked the Joe Biden government to declare a state of emergency.

In addition to this, he attacked the president of the North American nation, accusing him of not enforcing "immigration laws."

Governor Greg Abbott argues that the situation in the makeshift camp for migrants, who number in the thousands and do not stop the arrival of new migrants, to the city of Rio, is a very critical humanitarian situation due to lack of food, water and necessary hygiene measures.

What has been the response of the Biden government to this problem?

Texas, the hope for many migrants – News – WebMediums
Aerial view of the makeshift camp for migrants

From the executive, the Biden Government has deployed more than 600 workers to help with the management of the growing mass arrival of migrants, and to find a way to transfer them to centers where they will be processed, most of the cases are being studied and respectively deported to their countries of origin.

The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, defines the situation as "challenging and heartbreaking."

For its part, the government warns people not to expose themselves to a journey full of so many dangers to end up being deported.

Among his very precise statements, the secretary of the security agency stated the following: "If you come to the United States illegally, you will be returned. Your trip will be successful, and you will put your life and that of your family in danger."

Tensions in the area have grown, days ago some images were published showing some border agents using whips and their horses to push back between Ciudad Acuñar and del Río.

The Secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard, has declared that "Mexico has no problem with them being in our country as long as they respect the laws of Mexico." So far this year, some 19,000 Haitian migrants have requested asylum to Mexico from which according to government sources 15% have been granted refuge in the country.

The UN has issued a statement regarding the situation of migrants on the border between Mexico and the United States

Texas, the hope for many migrants – News – WebMediums
Situation reported before human rights organizations

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has called the situation "deplorable" in which some 14,000 migrants find themselves, most of whom are Haitians.

He has called on the authorities of the United States to comply with international obligations and not undertake mass returns.

The head of UNHCR, Filippo Grandi, has warned "The massive expulsions of individuals without examining their protection needs do not fit with international norms" and has called on the Joe Biden government to "immediately" repeal the border restrictions applied in his moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These restrictions are known as Title 42, which under the guise of the pandemic, has restricted the right to asylum, was published in March 2020, since then the United States has carried out more than one million expulsions.

UNHCR has tirelessly called for the deportation flights to stop, especially for Haiti, they have classified it as inconceivable to return migrants against their will, in danger of death and in a situation of uncertainty.

Mexico Facing the migration problem facing the United States

Texas, the hope for many migrants – News – WebMediums
Ebrard and Mayorkas in a meeting to seek possible solutions to the immigration problem

In a meeting held between Ebrard and Alejandro Mayorkas, head of the Department of National Security, both countries have promised to control the flow of irregular migrations at the border.

For his part, the president of Mexico, López Obrador, has proposed a program called "Sembrando Vida" to face the migratory phenomenon that the region is experiencing, "Enough of trying to solve a social and economic problem, with coercive measures," said the president.

López Obrador, which he raises with his "Sowing Lives" program, which has been a plan that has been implemented in Mexico, specifically in Chiapas, in which 80 thousand sowers were employed.

According to government calculations, the expected scope would be about 330 thousand migrants, who would have decent jobs and better economic conditions.

Finally, Mexico proposes to the United States that programs be financed in the south of the Mexican territory and in Central American countries such as Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, to promote other labor alternatives for migrants, and thus avoid mass migrations seeking the American Dream.