US court denies bail to Joaquín Naasón: sex video with minors determined the decision

 Jender Milano
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Evangelical Christian churches congregate dozens of millions of people throughout the American continent, forming nuclei of millions of believers in countries such as Brazil or Mexico, which is why the arrest for sexual crimes of the accused Joaquí Naasón, world leader of the Iglesia Luz del Mundo, with its main headquarters in Mexico but with ramifications in almost all the countries of Central and South America and even in the US.

US court denies bail to Joaquín Naasón: sex video with minors determined the decision

Naasón faces 26 charges and all of them revolve around child rape, child pornography, aggravated sexual abuse, sexual assault against boys and girls... for that reason the bail had been levied at 50 million dollars but before the evidence of agents of the case that they discovered new material with Naasón abusing girls in threesomes and even text messages where he recounted the characteristics of his victims, with this the judge who is handling the case in Los Angeles annulled the possibility of bail for the pastor and world leader of the Luz Church of the world.

Authorities continue to search the defendant's tablets and computers

In a case that seems to extend permanently by more and more evidence that not only points to the accused as a pedophile, but also locates him as an exploiter of minors with child trafficking included, the authorities have made it clear that electronic devices are still missing to review where they continue appearing more evidence against the accused.

The defense of the leader of the Luz del Mundo church accused of all kinds of sexual crimes against minors announced that they had collected $ 5 million, being 10% of the total bail initially imposed, this amount would allow the trial to continue with the accused released, but given the gravity of the evidence, the possibility of such a bond has been eliminated.

More than 900 videos and nearly 100,000 photos

The numbers speak of a case at the level of the largest pedophilia networks that have been dismantled in Europe or through investigations of networks of websites linked to child pornography, this plus the aggravation of being the world leader of a well-known evangelical church Like the Light of the World, it has brought this case to the front page of many newspapers.

The evangelical pastor was arrested on June 4 for complaints from some victims, but his crimes -demonstrated- cover an extensive period that goes from 2015 to 2018 and that also involve collaborators and other "believers" who will probably end up being cited or charged, depending on the case, in the biggest religious sexual scandal in recent times.

US court denies bail to Joaquín Naasón: sex video with minors determined the decision

Lawyers of the Luz del Mundo church defend their pastor and leader

La luz del mundo has issued a statement written by its legal advisers where they indicate that they have presented an appeal to the judge's decision before the Superior Court of Appeals and express that the innocence of their leader is not compromised in the decision:

"The decision that the judge has taken today does not imply guilt, much less that the case has been lost, rather his defense continues and we have full confidence in the integrity of the Apostle of Jesus Christ," says one of the paragraphs of the statement.