The best recipe for Marmitako to share

Stephany Sánchez
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The best recipe for Marmitako to share – Recipes – WebMediums

The recipe of Marmitako is a traditional dish of the Spanish coasts, which has been eaten by the seafood sailors during many generations. It is usually a homemade saucer, but it can also be achieved at the restaurants on the coast.

The site where it is most common is in Galicia, especially during cloudy days, because its flavor is the perfect combination in rainy days. Usually, after one of these dishes is ideal a short nap to optimize your digestion.

A good complement to this saucer is a glass of red wine or white wine to reinforce the taste of fish on the palate. Apart, as for his outline, it is a good idea to accompany him with fries or pieces of fried bread to rephog in the juice of the stew.

Next, we will explain how to prepare the Marmitako recipe easily, apart from offering some additional recommendations for a perfect dish.

Ingredients of the recipe of Marmitako

  • 350 grams of tuna.

  • 800 grams of potatoes.

  • 1 onion.

  • 1 green paprika.

  • 3 paprika red, dry.

  • 3 tomatoes.

  • 2 tablespoons of dry white wine.

  • 4 tablespoons of virgin olive oil.

  • Three and fourth liters of fish broth.

  • 2 cloves of garlic.

  • Salt to taste

  • 1 parsley bouquet.

Recommendations before starting with the recipe

  • One night before the preparation of the Marmitako, the ideal is to place the peppers in soaking. In case you forget it, you can also soak them in boiling water one hour before starting the preparation.

  • If you want the pepper meat to come out softly, it is best to add it inside the cooking process From the Marmitako.

  • When taking the meat from the peppers, it should scrape with the help of a spoon. Once the meat is taken, it is added to the cooking of the marmitako stew.

  • Always choose the freshest foods for cooking your stew, because you can provide more flavor.

Technical data of the Marmitako recipe

  • The arrangement of the ingredients of this recipe is for 4 people. In case you want to prepare more amount of food, you should only multiply the amounts of each element.

  • The level of difficulty of the recipe is easy.

  • The preparation time of this recipe is a total of approximately 90 minutes.

  • The amount of calories from this recipe is 380 for each ration.

  • In any restaurant on the Spanish coasts, this dish can have a Price of approximately 2 euros per person.

Steps for the preparation of the Marmitako

  1. Gather all the aforementioned ingredients.

  2. Peel the potatoes, wash them and cut them into medium pieces. That is, neither very large, nor very small.

  3. Soak the red paprika for a few more minutes in the hot water, or boiling (in case it has not been soaked) a night before. In case you have done it one night before you just ignore this step.

  4. Pele and pink the onion into small pieces. Cut the tomatoes equally. Peel the garlic and crush them or put them in very small pictures.

  5. Hot oil in a pan over medium heat and includes onions. Let the onion be brown a little and noticing the golden paprika incorporate the green paprika.

  6. Drains red paprika and add them equally to the pan. Also, add the garlic and tomatoes. SHOM IN OIL INGREDIENTS and remove letting themselves well for 10 minutes.

  7. Add the potatoes to the pan and spray the pan with a little dry white wine.

  8. Cook this Mix for one more minute and remastes constantly so that the ingredients are integrated. Add the broth and salt to taste.

  9. Pink the parsley branch and also add it to the stew.

  10. Tape the marmitako stew and slow down. Let it cook well until you notice that the potatoes are cooked. (To test if the potatoes are cooked, click on the potatoes with a fork and when soft noticing they are cooked).

  11. Add the tuna and let it boil the stew. Once you notice that the stew is boiling off the fire and let the tuna cook a little more with this heat.

The best recipe for Marmitako to share – Recipes – WebMediums
The best recipe for Marmitako to share – Recipes – WebMediums

Final steps of preparation

  1. Half an hour before I noticed that the cooking process will end up, remove the peppers, open them and remove the meat. Incorporate this meat to the stew and remove well so that it is incorporated into the stew.

  2. If you like you can add other fish knocked on the stew When you are in your final stage, a good option for it is a nice one.

Tips and recommendations for a perfect marmitako

  • So that the preparation of this recipe is not complicated, you can buy or prepare the Marmitako broth, because the finish of this dish, is that it is with a broth.

  • To complement this Saucer, is a good option are fried bread bars or chips, as they are perfect to soak them in the stew broth.

  • Another good option is to use salmon instead of pretty to accompany the marmitako. The good thing about this fish is that it can be achieved in the market at any time of year.

  • Can accompany this recipe with a little white wine, Jerez or cognac. These can be a good complement to promote the taste of the fish on your palate.

  • Once you serve this dish on a plate, book a bit of chopped parsley and add them to the plate to decorate.

Conclusions of the recipe

This recipe from Marmitako is a delicious ideal saucer for constant humidity and rainfall times, which is very popular in the coastal areas of Spain. Therefore, it would be a good plan to surprise your family by preparing this recipe for them in rainy times.

We encourage you to try to make your own combinations and achieve a recipe that suits your personal tastes. Also, add those add-ons that you consider ideal for you and accompany by the alcoholic beverage or juice of your preference.