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Amanda Bynes requests termination of her guardianship

The actress was hospitalized in a psychiatric center, after being diagnosed with bipolarity.

Veronica Morao
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Amanda Bynes requests termination of her guardianship – Showbiz – WebMediums
Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes is remembered for television series such as The Amanda Show and for her role as the protagonist in the film Rumors and Lies, where she acted alongside Emma Stone.

The famous actress of the 90s and 2000s is currently struggling to get out of her guardianship in which she has been subject since 2013. For a few years, the actress was diagnosed with psychiatric problems.

Home of Amanda Bynes

At the age of seven, Bynes recorded a commercial which earned her a spot on American television. For this, the Nickelodeon channel contacted her to be part of a list of young stars.

At that time, within the production of Nickelodeon was Dan Schneider, who received accusations of inappropriate behavior with the work team due to the Me Too movement.

The producer was the one who added Amanda to the team of the All That series, in 1996. Bynes was recognized on television as a cheerful and charismatic girl.

In October 1999, success came into her life, when she was given her own show called The Amanda Show.

The format used in this program was totally new to the channel. In this, they did not use any type of narration and the team was made up of young actors who were in charge of entertaining the public.

An entire generation remembers this program, which was broadcast six times a week for almost three years in a row. One of Amanda's classmates, Drake Bell, remembers her as a 14-year-old with a work ethic everyone envied.

Amanda Bynes: Teen Star

Previous productions served as Amanda's preparation for her career in front of the cameras. Some time later, Amanda made her debut in 2002, in the comedy Fat Liar. Later, in 2005, her voice was used for a character in the movie Robots, Piper.

The young woman, nicknamed "Chicky" by her parents, already had her place in the American film industry, managing to become a teen star with her following recordings.

In 2003, Amanda played a young woman who found out the truth about her father, which is why she wanted to contact him, in the movie 'A Dream for Her'. From 2002 to 2006, Bynes also starred in a series called What I Like About You.

In 2006, she starred in 'He's the Boy', a film that allowed her work alongside Channing Tatum and other actors. This was listed as the most successful of the early 2000s. In addition, Amanda managed to position herself as one of the favorite actresses of the moment.

In 2007, she worked in the musical film 'Hairspray' taking charge of bringing Penny to life. Three years later, in 2010, she made her comeback on the big screen, starring in 'Rumors and Lies', in which she worked alongside Emma Stone. This film, nominated for an Oscar, was one of the most famous teen movies of the moment.

Imposition of guardianship

Although Amanda's successful career in Hollywood was secure, her mental health slowly deteriorated. After the recording of "She is the man", the young woman began to have a dangerous and great obsession with her body.

The actress stated in an interview that, when she saw the film, she entered a period of depression for approximately four to six months, as she did not like her appearance as a boy. This experience was very strange and caused the downturn, she assured.

She also accepted that some time later, she began to consume certain substances to lose weight and also began to feel some hatred for her way of acting.

Regarding her performance in 'Rumors and Lies', the actress explained that she couldn't stand her physical appearance in the film and that she didn't like her performance either. That's why, after she saw her performance, she was convinced that she should stop acting.

In 2010, Amanda announced that she was leaving her acting career in Hollywood, and began making outrageous comments against celebrities such as Rihanna. In this facet, she began to generate some hatred and indignation from those who were previously her fans.

On several occasions in 2012, Amanda was detained by the authorities. Some of the crimes committed were: possession of drugs, driving under the influence of illicit substances and throwing a marijuana cigarette at the police when they tried to intervene in her home.

In 2013, she was admitted to a psychiatric center, since she was diagnosed with bipolarity. That same year, Lynn Bynes, her mother, became her guardian of life. All these years, the mother of the actress is the one who has been in control of her personal, financial and medical affairs.

Amanda's last years

In all these years, Amanda has suffered certain setbacks in her life. However, she has gradually managed to get ahead and overcome. The actress attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, with the goal of obtaining a bachelor's degree.

She is in much better health now, compared to years ago, and fashion is the creative outlet to put her problems aside.

In 2019, the actress became engaged to Paul Michael, after meeting at the ensuing Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Over time, Amanda's health has improved and in this process the total distance from the cameras that she kept all this time has helped.

For this reason, she decided to start the fight to annul her guardianship.

David A. Esquibias, her attorney, requested in a special petition filed with the Ventura County Superior Court in California, the termination of the actress' guardianship, which is made up of her life and her estate.

In an interview with People magazine, Esquibias stated that Amanda wants her guardianship to end, since she considers that her condition has improved and that this protection is no longer necessary.

The next hearing is on March 22, in which the actress and her relatives hope to conclude the process satisfactorily.