Charli XCX slams Taylor Swift fans, calling them "5-year-olds"

Cristian García
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The famous pop singer, Charli XCX, has made some quite controversial statements through an interview given to the famous music portal Pitchfork. In this way, the artist has indicated that she is grateful to Taylor Swift for inviting her to be part of her Reputation Stadium Tour, although she considers her fans to be "5-year-olds."

Charli XCX slams Taylor Swift fans, calling them "5-year-olds"
From left to right: Camila Cabello, Taylor Swift and Charli XCX. Photo: Getty Images.

Charli XCX recently spoke about her experience as the opening act for Taylor Swift's R eputation Tour. In this way, the singer was extremely sincere and pointed out that it did not seem like a very good experience at a professional level:

I'm really thankful that Taylor asked me to be on his tour. But, as an artist, he felt like he was going on stage to greet 5-year-olds.

Charli XCX's statements simply referred to her music being aimed at a different audience than Taylor Swift's, so fans of the latter might not appreciate her as an artist. Even so, everything seems to be that, said words given by the singer to the Pitchfork portal, were misinterpreted and aroused negative responses from Swift fans or the "Swifties".

This was demonstrated on all social networks, mainly the social network of Twitter, where fans of Taylor Swift were seen to respond disparagingly to the comment made by Charli XCX. They criticized the Fancy singer for speaking badly about her participation in Swift's tour, when she was given the opportunity to become more known worldwide.

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Charli XCX responds to criticism from Taylor Swift fans

Charli XCX has already made an official statement on her social networks, where she mentioned that her statements were cut and misinterpreted to give a derogatory tone towards Taylor Swift fans. In this way, she has made it clear that she was simply referring to the fact that she felt surprised to give shows to an audience aimed at all ages, while she had always done it for adults or adults.

Charli XCX slams Taylor Swift fans, calling them "5-year-olds"