Egyptian lawyer sues Jennifer López for acting naked (VIDEO)

 Jender Milano
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The well-known singer and actress Jennifer López decided to launch a mega world tour for her 50 years, and she was not lacking in invitations, one of these came from Egypt, sponsored by a local construction company, who covered all the permits required to take the diva to the country of the ancient pyramids.

Egyptian lawyer sues Jennifer López for acting naked (VIDEO)

Unlike other tours, JLO in this case wanted to include countries such as Russia, Israel, Turkey and Egypt, the latter being one of his most commented concerts for various reasons, on the one hand there was the detail of the guests at a full house singing birthday to him, something that made Jennifer López blush and moved, but on the other we have Samir Sabri, an Egyptian lawyer who has decided to accuse Jennifer for having acted nude and claims to have evidence.

The concert in question was held in El Alamein, a city that gradually became a space where wealthy people from Egypt converge to invest and also to have fun with great shows.

The lawyer has told the media that Jennifer Lopez acted naked and in transparent dresses, It is not appropriate that people are praying on Mount Arafat (15 kilometers east of Mecca) while others are at a concert.

Regarding the latter, you cannot take away your reason, a moral condemnation of any concert for whatever it was can be wielded by whoever wants, as for the former, we leave a short video of the concert uploaded to your Instagram account by Jennifer Lopezb with the same costumes at the Turkey concert for you to judge:

Sexi? Yes, of course, it is Jennifer Lopez, but in no way is there a nude scene. It happens that the singer used a model of clothing that she usually wears in concerts, the same as Shakira and other singers have used, the color of the fabric with respect to the skin and ornaments manages to give the appearance of being naked, which evidently points to thrill male audiences, but there is no real nude anywhere.

In short, it does not appear that the Egyptian lawyer will achieve much with this lawsuit, other than preventing Jennifer Lopez, and perhaps other singers, from performing on Egyptian soil for some time.