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Jennifer López feels very excited about her magical trip to Venice with her partner Ben Afleck

Luis Rafael
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Not simply are they enjoying their time together, but they are expanding what is coming their way for their relationship and careers. Supporting her boyfriend's film, The Last Dune, at its premiere in Venice, JLo captioned a large number of photos of the heritage on her Instagram: "I had an especially good time !!!"

"What's more, I'm really excited for you to see this movie! It's the main piece of content that Matt [Damon] and Ben have co-composed with Nicole Holofcener since Good Will Hunting !!! Plus it's amazing !!!!

Jennifer López feels very excited about her magical trip to Venice with her partner Ben Afleck

Singer JLo is very impressed by her new journey with her better half

"The performance of the entire cast is incredible. Jodie Comer is the protagonist and she is impressive! It was a supernatural excursion and I trust you will participate in the photographs! #TBT Baci Baci #VivaItalia," added the Latin artist.

In closing, Jennifer Lopez gave fans a glimpse of her day in Italy, including her hair and cosmetics, going to a celebratory press occasion and walking her way of honor.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck made their honor walk debut together after 18 years on September 10 at the Venice Film Festival.

The last time had been at the premiere of his movie Gigli in 2003.

The 'Tricksters' star and the 49-year-old entertainer revived their romantic relationship in April this year, after previously dating in the mid-2000s, and had switched from solidarity to solidarity in late spring as their relationship was heating up.

However, at present, the couple known as " Bennifer" is willing to dive into an ordinary daily schedule, as both must return to work, and sources say they are "ready" to settle together.

The famous ones expressed their words before the magazine People

A source revealed to People magazine: "They are very grateful for their pleasant summer. Everything is related to work for the next few months. Ben is going to Texas in a week. Jennifer Lopez will start filming in Canada in October. They seem to be ready for it. "

Meanwhile, the couple was guaranteed lately to have been house hunting together after sources said they intended to meet as expected.

One insider clarified: "Their peers wouldn't be amazed at the possibility that they would move in together and eventually end up together. They know each other and focus on each other."

And considering that things seem to stop fooling around between them, Jennifer Lopez, 51, and the star of 'La Liga de la Equidad' do not plan to marry.

"They've been mixing up their lives and their families and they still don't want to submit or even get married. They've both been through it and they don't consider it essential. They're both very confident in their relationship and Ben loves it. It really is meant to be and all the the world around them thinks they are an ideal match. "