Justin Bieber's daring image on a trademark

Samanta Ruiz
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Justin Bieber is an inexhaustible source of news, very active in social networks, he shares his life with his followers without any problem.

Justin Bieber's daring image on a trademark – Showbiz – WebMediums

Days ago, he announced his new marriage with the model Hailey Baldwin and the adoption of a new pet, a beautiful kitten named Sushi, who will be a companion of his dog Oscar, all tender news published on Instagram stories.

The 25-year-old singer had recently shared the idea of temporarily moving away from music, to focus on his family, and with Hailey he has left behind, for now, that life of scandals and excesses that were constantly in the news.

Growing his Drew clothing brand business is one of his priorities today, and he also uses social media for that.

The Drew House brand, of urban and casual fashion, named in honor of his middle name (the boy is somewhat egocentric) started in January of this year 2019, and did not have good reviews. He was labeled as little original and little creativity in his designs.

In addition and, most importantly, there was a cry of disagreement as the prices were a bit high for a brand that, although the image is a popular star, was just beginning and its quality standards were not the best according to the specialists.

We know that the Canadian has no problem showing himself naked and his publications are always virilized. Sexuality and eroticism are not taboo for him.

And since it is known that sensuality and provocation sell a lot, Justin, skilled as few with social networks, showed himself with a very sexy image.

He is seen in an Instagram photo of his pants around his knees, in front of the mirror and with his kitten Sushi who is passing by, to promote his brand of underpants, aware of the commotion it will cause, imagining many fans out there, that can be shared or imagined.

A suggestive image, which fires the imagination of his millions of followers and provokes exactly what he is looking for, that they talk about him and his most intimate parts, and by the way, buy his articles.

Although this way of posing underwear is common in advertising campaigns of big brands, Justin style undoubtedly adds impudence and irreverence to the image, a natural attitude for the singer who has applied on this occasion to advertise his brand and increase his business.

But it is good and healthy that each one shows himself as he is and life is not an eternal pose to please the flash of a camera.

Justin Bieber's daring image on a trademark – Showbiz – WebMediums