Lady Gaga confirms her romance, meets her new boyfriend

Cristian García
2 min read

Lady Gaga has finally confirmed her new romance, being seen in a California restaurant making out with what appears to be her new partner, famous sound director Dan Horton. In this way, all kinds of rumors about her alleged love affair with Bradley Cooper would already be being denied.

Lady Gaga confirms her romance, meets her new boyfriend – Showbiz

The pop singer was seen at the Granville restaurant in California, United States. The artist dressed as a typical pop artist, although what surprised the most was her companion, Horton. In addition, People Magazine has been commissioned to show some test photos that would confirm, once and for all, the new romance of Lady Gaga.

In the photos published by People, Lady Gaga is observed sharing a pleasant moment with Horton and, in addition, it is possible to see the artist kiss what would be this famous director, who also works as a sound engineer.

All these new photographs would finally put an end to the supposed rumor of the romance between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. It has been echoed around the world since the breakup of Cooper and his ex-wife Irina Shayk. All this rumor was accompanied by a variety of photographs that claimed to confirm the love affair between the protagonists of A Star Is Born.

Dan Horton, Gaga's alleged partner, is 37 years old and, according to his personal information, has worked as Lady Gaga's sound engineer since last year, at which time he may have managed to develop a close relationship with the artist. Similarly, he has worked with such artists as Camila Cabello and Bruno Mars.

Lady Gaga has not yet been mentioned this whole case, although the photographs turn out to be quite compromising for the artist. Therefore, it is very likely that her relationship with Dan Horton is real, which is why she would be leaving behind all this supposed romance with Bradley Cooper.