Rihanna and Georgina Rodríguez together!

Suria Ibañez
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The beautiful model and wife of the wonderful soccer forward Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodríguez, has known how to achieve success through her beauty to such a degree that she draws the attention of the wonderful Rihanna.

Rihanna, in addition to being a great singer, has some other qualities, for example, she is a great businesswoman, actress and fashion designer who recently launched a makeup line and who of course in a few days has already become famous.

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Georgina Rodriguez

Rihanna and her Fenty Beauty line

This beautiful actress and singer has known how to make a fortune in the world of music and this time she decided to do business with one of the most famous models today, and I mean the beautiful Georgina Rodriguez who in a very short time has managed to harvest several hits on their own merits.

Georgina Rodríguez has had several projects in recent months, but it should be noted that one of the most important is the collaboration with the Rihanna Fenty Beauty makeup line. Undoubtedly this combination is a boom for all fans since Georgina Rodríguez has become an influencer which would bring great benefits for Rihanna and at the same time great prestige for Georgina Rodríguez.

Thanks to the beauty that Georgina Rodríguez possesses and how meticulous she is with her image, many brands have turned to her to promote their products. There is no doubt that the care that Georgina Rodriguez has towards her person is already bearing fruit.

What is astounding is that at her young age she is already a mother and has a body of envy. He has also achieved fame and success in a very short time. Many people assure that this is due to the title of "Cristiano Ronaldo's wife" but that is a complete lie since if at first it could be true, Georgina Rodríguez has shown to have great talent and to be made for it.