Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello at the MTV VMAs 2019

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Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello would perform at MTV VMAs 2019. The rumors are becoming more and more accurate, especially by some members of the production team of the singers making a presence at the MTV VMAs 2019. This suggests that they are supervising the installation of their own equipment and what is necessary to make their presentation a success.

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The couple, who have been in the sights of all international media, have not announced this event, but it is expected to be a surprise for their fans. Some consider that it will be the most anticipated presentation, and it will have strong chemistry. Some fans even assure that they surpassed the presentation of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in The Oscars.

Although the chemistry of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello is remarkable, some believe that it is only to attract attention, something that over the weeks have shown otherwise.

Shawn Mendes needs to win the affection of the fans, although they have always been on his side, in recent days he has been involved in a controversy over alleged racist twees. This past Friday, I circled the hashtag #shawnmendesisoverparty (Shawn Mendes's party is over).

This refers to a user who traveled to when Shawn Mendes was only 14 years old and wrote some things that by then she thought were funny but were considered racist. Shawn Mendes even referred to this as something to overcome, since he has already matured and is aware of the reality of the world.

Shawn Mendes who together with Camila Cabello are always in public, assured that at that age he did not imagine reaching 50 million followers and that much less would he be a public and international personality.

The worst thing is that only a few users want to force Shawn Mendes to apologize, which is absurd. Shawn Mendes fans assured that only a few people want to be famous, but they are not serious about accusing a 14-year-old boy of something.

However, this year the MTV VMAs 2019 will award the Video For Good (award given to those music videos that deliver, support or motivate a better society). Of course, the K-POP genre could not be left behind, and a new category called Best K-POP was created, where BTS may turn out to be the best of all.

The 2019 MTV VMAs will take place next Monday, August 26 in New Jersey. The 2019 MTV VMAs honor the best of POP music, where Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift take the best nominations and are considered to receive the most awards.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello would perform at MTV VMAs 2019 next Monday, August 24, but we must wait until that date to find out if it was all part of a rumor or if the best would appear on stage.