Taylor Swift unveils song names for her new album 'Lover'

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This singer is very committed to her work and is always trying to give her best on each album she shares with her fans, a clear example of this is how well the singer is doing as she goes through one of her best moments as an artist.

Taylor Swift unveils song names for her new album 'Lover' – Showbiz

After his participation in the Teen Choice Awards 2019 as this allowed Taylor to promote the new album that will be released on August 23, after his excitement Swift made a small preview of "Lover" his new song that has been a boom in the social networks.

And it is that the commitment that Taylor is seen is so much that with the messages of love she has shared, there are those who believe that she possibly has wedding plans for British actor Joe Alwyn, her current partner.

In the video clip you can see a lot of love in each phrase of the singer, "I have loved you three summers now, darling, but I love them all" seems to be deeply in love, don't you think?

The full video can be seen on August 22, one day before the official release of the album, but as previously said he wanted to give us a preview, here are the names of the other songs on his new album.

1- I forgot that you existed.

2- Cruel summer.

3- Lover.

4- The man.

5- The Archer.

6- I think he knows.

7- Miss Americana and the hearthbreak prince.

8- Paper rings.

9- Cornella Street.

10- Death by a thousand cuts.

11- London boy.

12- soon you'll get better.

13- False God.

14- You need to calm down.

15- Afterglow.

16- Mei.

17- It's nice to have a friend.

18- Daylight.