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Novak Djokovic and the consequences of not being vaccinated

Ramiro Guzman
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Novak Djokovic and the consequences of not being vaccinated – Sports
Novak Djokovic suffers the consequences of not being vaccinated against COVID-19

The iconic 34-year-old Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic has spearheaded a new controversy. This time, due to his strong position on vaccination, he has been excluded from the Australian Open.

It is the most prestigious tournament to be held in that country, whose health standards have been reinforced in recent times. Given this, all its participants must be vaccinated, which Djokovic does not comply with.

Could be removed from the tournament and retained in Australia

The controversy over "no vaccination" has escalated to an unprecedented level. This time, Novak Djokovic represents the most mediatic case that has been documented to date.

On the night of Wednesday, January 5 of this year, the famous tennis player landed in Australian territory. Despite strict sanitary measures, he was able to break through with a certified "medical exemption".

Tennis Australia, the main organizer of the tournament, was the body that issued such an exemption. After a series of strict medical evaluations, it was awarded to the Serbian to guarantee his participation. However, it was insufficient for the Australian health authorities.

Djokovic is one of the many personalities in show business who has yet to receive immunization against COVID-19. While it had not been an impediment, Australian regulations prevailed.

A few hours after his entry, the Department of Migration and Borders proceeded to arrest him. As a result, his visa was immediately withheld and the tennis player taken into custody at his hotel.

Possible deportation and suspension of the VISA

After his arrest, the athlete's legal representation immediately acted to solve the problem. Unfortunately, the higher authorities of Australia have been blunt in their decision.

The appeal of the lawyers reached the instances of the Federal Circuit Court in Melbourne, who summoned the tennis player for next Monday. At the beginning of weeks, the verdict on possible deportation will be decided.

In the meantime, you must remain in custody in your hotel room. Without a doubt, it is a strong setback in the face of their previous preparation for the tournament to be played. By not being able to move anywhere else, you obviously won't have time to invest in training.

For their part, the country's judicial bodies completely suspended Djokovic's visa. By entering the country in breach of established health protocols, it served as an immediate trigger for such drastic action.

Australian Prime Minister's remarks stoke the fire

Australia is another country that is experiencing an alarming rebound in COVID-19 cases. The last months of the year and the relaxation in health, contributed to another peak of the disease.

In order to strengthen the sanitary environment of the nation, every traveler who enters must be vaccinated. Otherwise, you will be taken into custody with the possibility of deportation and your VISA revoked.

Novak Djokovic and the consequences of not being vaccinated – Sports

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia, has once again ratified these protocols. And that, regardless of who it is, they must be fully complied with without exceptions.

The rules are the rules. Mr. Djokovic's VISA has been canceled. Nobody is above the norm or exempt from it, especially when it comes to travelers. We remain vigilant and strengthening our border policy. — Declared Morrison on Twitter.

The Australian Border Force backed Morrison's demonstration, issuing its own statement. Within it, the following in particular was asserted:

"Adequate evidence was not presented for entry into the country. Furthermore, all citizens with a canceled or suspended VISA may be detained and deported."

A drastic decision that has shocked the world

After the news was made public, thousands of fans expressed their discontent at the drastic decision. Minutes earlier, Morrison had agreed with the entry of the number one in men's tennis, but ultimately backed down.

Popular opinion has stated that Djokovic is possibly in the middle of a political confrontation. In short, the problem has escalated to a theme totally unrelated to sport.

On condition of this, other important personalities of the world have spoken about it. One of those that became known the most was that of the President of Serbia himself.

"Work is underway to transfer Novak Djokovic from the infamous hotel where he is staying to a compound in better conditions. We hope that it can be carried out as soon as possible pending his sentence". — Confirmed Aleksandar Vucic, the highest Serbian authority.

Likewise, Rafael Nadal regretted the decision that affected his sports partner. However, he did not hesitate to fully trust medical judgment without falling into political connotations.

"Of course I do not like what is happening, and I feel sorry for Djokovic. But he knew the conditions for a long time; he has made his own decision, now he is exposed to the consequences". — Specified the Spanish tennis player.

What is the next step for Djokovic?

According to the information processed so far, it is not known exactly what Djokovic's fate will be. For now, he will have to await the sentence by the Australian courts.

The Serbian tennis player's legal entourage has asked that the problem be resolved as soon as possible. This in order not to alter the schedule for the Australian Open.

On the other front, the nation's public has been polarized in recent hours. On the one hand, there are those who support the decision against Djokovic for everything they have suffered in the pandemic. And on the other, there are his fans who describe the inconvenience as "aberrant".

The truth is that Australia, just last week, confirmed 70 thousand new cases of coronavirus. In the midst of a new pandemic scenario, it will be interesting to see how the events end.

Novak Djokovic and the consequences of not being vaccinated – Sports
Australia is experiencing an awakening of those infected by coronavirus

At the same time, it will serve as an advance for Djokovic going forward. In France, the same restrictions are implemented for the unvaccinated. When the date arrives for the celebration of the main tennis tournaments in Gallic territory, the controversy could return.