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ZTE launches the new Axon 30 Ultra a mobile completely for gamers

Alvaro Salazar
5 min read

Lately the Axon 30 Ultra model has been added to the ZTE brand repertoire, which is available as ZTE's leading device, and which draws attention: "It has it all, great capacity to take pictures, speed, availability and, most importantly, utility for the game. "

ZTE launches the new Axon 30 Ultra a mobile completely for gamers
Axon 30 Ultra

Axon 30 Ultra Features

We always show you the best data so that you can delight as a reader the best information with significant bases, today we bring you the mobile of the moment ZTE Axon 30 Ultra and, therefore, its characteristics.


It is a mobile that reacts well to the tests carried out and has a pleasant design compared to competing mobiles.

The new Axon comes with a 64PX triple camera system each, apart from a fourth 8MP periscope camera, making us the right choice for capturing photos and recordings with a practically competent look.

Keep in mind that the great imaging results are also due to the powerful Trinity camera design, driving the third era of breakthrough in versatile imaging innovation.

Ni Fei, leader of ZTE Devices, commented:

"Computational photography is the destination of mobile phone image enhancement. Compared to genuine and expert visual hardware, the best capability is computing power, whether in Edge innovation or in the cloud through computing pictures of the third era started by ZTE.

Later, through this coordinated ability, with increasingly remarkable artificial reasoning computation and more remarkable abilities in cloud, channel and endpoints, there will be freedom to make a better caliber than that of focal point reflex cameras. Unique in portable photography through computational photography strategies".

Camera development

Since the main camera built into a mobile phone was introduced in September 2000, innovation has made tremendous strides. Today, development is advancing into another era of multi-camera cluster imaging.

ZTE launches the new Axon 30 Ultra a mobile completely for gamers
Axon 30 Ultra

In this situation, the ZTE mobile adopts the unique Trinity triple-principle camera and ZTE quad-grid picture frame. The photography and plan of the 64 megapixel triple camera, in addition to the display of the 60X super long range focal point, achieve shots that stand out for their ideal quality.

Exceptional experience

Its focal point module with identical center lengths from 13 mm to 123 mm considers the remote opportunity for full focus, mid-shot and close-ups to be direct.

In this part, it should be noted that it additionally has the ability to take pictures first and Zoom later, so they can be zoomed in and out uninhibitedly between various central lengths.

Particular capabilities

The ZTE Axon 30 Ultra and its three cameras each have their own capabilities.

The fundamental one has a center length identical to that of 35 mm and a gap of f / 1.9, reasonable for a 64MP maximum quality eco-friendly photography.

The wide angle has a 120° reach with a 64 MP lens to achieve sharp subtleties, in any case, when you zoom in a few times.

Introducing a low-contortion camera and computational photography shift serves to take wide-spot photos, without bending the edges.

Night photographs

When shooting night scenes, the Axon 30 Ultra is ready to switch to the main camera, which captures dim light in dark conditions with great results.

The cameras support Super Night AI calculation, which simplifies night shots.

Supermoon mode relies on numerous cameras and concurrent combined calculations to focus the moon in the right situation to coordinate with a point of view similar to that of the natural eye.

A powerful processor

The gadget's camera frame favors scene coordination and computational advancement with the introduction of the versatile Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 stage.

This provides dynamic range and data to aid in computational image blending so that focal points transition from single shots to multi-camera shots.

Movie video

It includes expert video design using a multi-camera recording capability that opens each of the three screens to various center lengths.

Built-in video layouts can also drive development and camera changes.

Simultaneously, 8K ultra HD video recording, different channels, exceptional special displays and different layouts are incorporated to satisfy customers with this segment.

The ZTE Axon 30 Ultra features image adjustment in terms of Steadicam on the main camera and periscope, feasible with OIS (Optical Image Adjustment), for moving scenes or in shaky situations.

Design and components

This wonderful mobile features a double curve design, with an ecosystem harmless AG etching interaction and 15 elaborate cycles to achieve a near silky feel through a tight etching and sanding equation.

ZTE launches the new Axon 30 Ultra a mobile completely for gamers
Axon 30 Ultra

This gives a smooth grain feel and glitter impact that is safe for scratches, wear, hostile to smart and unique fingerprint verification. The tones in which the model can be accessed are: dark, white, blue and light brown.

The 6.67-inch AMOLED display has a 144Hz invigoration rate and a 300Hz touch inspection rate. Maintains 100% DCI P3 shading range and 10-digit shading depth.

It is equipped with a versatile Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, with 5 nm processor, and a mix of updated LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1. It joins a 65W charging connector which also shortens the charging time. The framework is MyOS11, in view of Android 11.

Fundamental components

  • Realistic 64MP quad-camera camera exposure.

  • Leading Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor.

  • 144 Hz resuscitation rate sample.

  • 6E Wi-Fi connectivity + 5G availability.

  • 4600 mAh battery + 65W fast charge.

Optical impression of a single super removable finger under the screen that brings the mobile and facial recognition frame.

Cost, around 750 euros / $.