What causes anisakis poisoning?

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What causes anisakis poisoning? The most common is that the Simple Anisakis is the cause of this disease. Which is present in multiple fish and certain cephalopods.

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This parasite, named Anisakis, is found in many fish. So its consumption very often can lead to the appearance of this digestive disorder.

It is a very frequent disease in places where fish consumption is very high. For example, Japan where the consumption of Sushi and other fish is high.

However, we must also take into account the treatment that is given to fish. Among the fish that anisakis poisoning they cause we have:

  • Mackerel.

  • Fleta.

  • Mackerel.

  • Salmon.

  • Cod.

  • Sardines

  • Herring.

  • Whiting.

  • Turbot.

  • Anchovies.