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Are you ready for the future? Learn how the war between Apple and Facebook can benefit us

Alexa Acosta
3 min read
Are you ready for the future? Learn how the war between Apple and Facebook can benefit us

For humanity, the term technology has always been synonymous with progress, since it improves the quality of life, in addition to offering all kinds of opportunities. Many are the technology companies that exist today, and at times, they have “wars” to obtain the largest number of consumers.

What happens in these situations is that a technological competitiveness is created that ends up pushing companies to innovate more and more. This is exactly what is happening today with Apple and Facebook, two companies that compete for the most coveted technology.

This is certainly beneficial for everyone in the world, because at the end of it all, we get new and better technology. Facebook is innovating with its metaverse, and Apple is looking for a way to overcome it, here we will show you what the apple company plans for our future.

Apple has thought of an invention that will surprise us

Are you ready for the future? Learn how the war between Apple and Facebook can benefit us

This company seeks to promote both augmented reality and virtual reality, introducing the metaverse directly to our eyes. His idea is to create a device that allows hyper-realistic images to be projected directly to the eyeballs.

What Apple is looking for is incredibly futuristic, since it would almost perfectly integrate the real world, with the digital world. The possibilities with a device like this are truly endless, it could bring benefits in medical, construction, entertainment and much more.

But for this company to overcome the advances that Facebook has made, it must materialize this new invention. It is a difficult feat to perform, but it IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE, and it is very likely that we will be able to obtain this new technology much sooner than we think.

What is this project called?

It really seems like science fiction, but it isn't, because if we look through Apple's new patents, we find something interesting. They have a patent called "Direct to Retina Projector", which was published recently, on October 26, 2021.

Are you ready for the future? Learn how the war between Apple and Facebook can benefit us

The patent explains that it is an eye system capable of following the movement of the user's eyes to project the image to where they are looking. It can emulate the light that enters the retina to reproduce solid images that blend in with our surroundings.

According to Apple, this device provides an unmatched realism of the images, this is because both the eye and the brain perceive both environments equally. This means that virtual projections are appreciated as if they really exist, it should be an unforgettable experience.

Why could this technology surpass any other?

The improvement of this future technology is its incredible realism, which completely eliminates the eyestrain caused by viewing a backlit screen. Flat screens tend to get out of date, destroying realism and causing headaches, and can even induce nausea.

In the case of Apple's project, it promises to send an image that ensures realism, takes care of the vision and keeps the user in the real plane. While doing this, it introduces high-quality images that end up becoming real to the brain, because the eye perceives it that way.

It is undoubtedly a technology that promises a lot, it could bring incredible benefits to daily life, Apple will undoubtedly go down in history with this project.