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Breaking news about products Apple will launch in 2022

Fermín Díaz
5 min read
Breaking news about products Apple will launch in 2022 – Apple Universe
The latest in the Apple universe for 2022.


  1. What's new in MacBook Air for 2022.

  2. More news on the Mac mini and 27-inch iMac.

  3. Updates for the iPhone SE.

  4. Renewals on iPad Pro.

  5. What to expect at WWDC 2022.

  6. What is said about the Apple Watch.

  7. Details on iPhone 14.

Mister Mark Gurman has said important details regarding the MacBook Air, which we are expected to see in the first six months of this year.

What's new in MacBook Air for 2022

This MacBook Air is going to release a new chip (M2), which is considered an update of the M1. Of course, this update will not be so significant, but rather intermediate.

Breaking news about products Apple will launch in 2022 – Apple Universe
By 2022 the MacBook Air would have a mini LED panel with an M2 processor included.

The CPU is going to have 8 cores and the GPU is going to go from 7-8 cores to the GPU with 9-10 cores. Where if you expect a significant update is in relation to the Mac Pro.

This computer is expected to have extraordinary power, as its CPU is estimated to reach 40 cores and the GPU up to 128 cores.

More news on the 27-inch Mac mini and iMac

As it was already known, it was said that the Mac mini will be renewed. Its design will be updated and more similar to what we are used to seeing on company computers.

Breaking news about products Apple will launch in 2022 – Apple Universe
The renovations to the Mac mini are expected to meet all expectations.

The 27-inch iMac will also come with an updated design.

Updates for iPhone SE

The iPhone SE will receive its update as well. Although for some users this model is not so appealing, because it has a very old look.

But at the same time it is an accessible model for users who want to have an iPhone with a very powerful chip, despite the outdated design that some point out.

Breaking news about products Apple will launch in 2022 – Apple Universe
The iPhone SE would be the cheapest phone on the market with 5G technology.

This iPhone is going to renew the processor, which may be the A15 and keeping the same design. It can include 5G, in countries where they have these networks, and you can use it without problems.

Apple would rely on this basis, and it may be released for the summer Apple event.

Renewals on iPad Pro

Similarly, they can present the iPad Pro. By the way, this iPad Pro had an update last year.

This renewal is mainly related to screen quality, including M1 chip, xdr screen, etc. It is possible that by 2022 this iPad Pro will come with a redesign that allows it to support wireless charging on the back.

Breaking news about products Apple will launch in 2022 – Apple Universe
The new iPad Pro could support wireless charging on the rear.

Which is very remarkable as it can allow other devices to charge on it, and is known as reverse wireless charging.

It is rumored that the design may be made of glass, which for many users does not sound very pleasant because it would increase its fragility.

What to expect at WWDC 2022

At WWDC, events that usually occur in the summer and that are dedicated to developers, will show us an initial look at iOS 16 of the updated version of macOS, iPadOS and where the new software that will later be presented in September are presented.

"WWDC stands for the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference."

Apple may present a one more thing and give us a first look at their mixed reality glasses. These glasses would be a combination of the best of augmented reality and virtual reality.

This makes the WWDC the ideal time to present them, since at that moment Apple opens the development kit, so that those who are developers start their work on applications, and so that the date of presentation of this product is established. So that in this way there can be applications that are supported in this product.

What is said about the Apple Watch

Speaking of the Apple Watch, this year it is expected to be its presentation to the public. Especially since its predecessor did not meet expectations compared to the previous generation.

Breaking news about products Apple will launch in 2022 – Apple Universe
The Apple Watch could bring a glucose meter for users.

Although Mr. Gurman has not given so many details, if things have been confirmed related to the rugged version of the Apple Watch, which is usually more applied to extreme sports.

For this reason, those users who are sports fans and have a percentage risk of falling, or who have to submerge in deep water, this Apple Watch model may be what they need. The truth is that it would be presented with the Apple Watch E18 by the end of this current year.

Details on iPhone 14

Regarding design, Mark Gurman has confirmed that some iPhone 14 (not all) will have a design where the screen will be perforated. What does this mean? It means it's not going to have a notch at the top to include FaceID technology and the front-facing camera inside.

Rather, this technology would be embedded within the screen and a small hole would be left for the camera. Which is similar to the ones Android has.

Breaking news about products Apple will launch in 2022 – Apple Universe
The iPhone 14 is going to include a notch at the top.

The truth is that there are already users who do not like the idea very much. Especially since apparently his most recent moves have focused a lot on notching the notch. This is thought because even a Mac has a notch, where the webcam goes, which is considered unnecessary for some.