How to use the new Live Text of IOS 15 and which devices are compatible?

Alexa Acosta
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How to use the new Live Text of IOS 15 and which devices are compatible?

iOS increasingly improves the technology you use for your devices, mainly to give you an experience more intuitive to the user. Among its multiple functions we find Live Text, which allows you to recognize texts in images or photographs and perform actions.

It uses a very innovative optical reconnaissance technology, capable of capturing printed text, handwritten and symbols. After recognizing the writing, the device will show it as text on the screen.

No doubt it is an application to which you can take advantage of with an iPhone, especially for your camera. You could take a picture of a business card, and the application will automatically detect the text, email, phone number, address and other.

The detected text will be highlighted, and the user can perform various actions, such as copying, calling numbers, text sharing or sending an email. In addition to this, Live Text has a real-time translation function.

It is noteworthy that Apple remains margin with our information, thanks to its security measures. The company can not collect information from the data captured in the images, no personal data, does not need an Internet connection to be used either.

How to use Live Text in iOS 15?

This application is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, it works in two ways, and here we will show you how. The first works as a scanner, from the camera without the need to take a picture.

How to use the new Live Text of IOS 15 and which devices are compatible?

Place the device on the text you want to obtain information, when the iPhone detects the existence of a writing, will display a button. The button is located at the bottom of the device and when using it, the detected text will be highlighted, it will activate the touch interaction and allow actions.

The second way to use this function is from any image that is possessed in the device, even those that have been downloaded. Once in the image or photograph you just press the Live Text icon that is located at the bottom of the screen.

Practical uses for this function

How to use the new Live Text of IOS 15 and which devices are compatible?

The possibilities with this application are numerous, mainly by the translator in real time that you have integrated. These are some of the uses that you can give to this function:

Save phone numbers: You can use the scanner to get a phone number, copy it and paste it in the contact list to save it.

Translate a text: as simple as focusing the camera, select the text and click on the button that says Translate. Now you just have to select the language you want and wait for the translation, so simple.

Call: You can make calls to the numbers that are in the image you are focusing. Only the number must be selected and pressing to call.

Find an unknown word: If you do not know the meaning of a word you just have to focus and press where it says “Consult”. You will quickly get information about the word or term selected.

Convert text by hand into scanned text: Select, copy, paste, add to your notes or in some post with just scanning a text.

Write an email: Scan and select an email address, press on the button to send an e-mail and ready.

These are just some of the things that can be done with this function, using a bit the imagination could achieve many more things.

What devices are compatible with?

Even though the new update, IOS 15, it is already available to be downloaded from the first-generation devices onwards. The Live Text function is limited to many of these devices.

How to use the new Live Text of IOS 15 and which devices are compatible?

Below we will show a iPhone list compatible with this function:

  • iPhone 13.

  • iPhone 13 mini.

  • iPhone 13 Pro.

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max.

  • iPhone 12.

  • iPhone 12 mini.

  • iPhone 12 Pro.

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max.

  • iPhone 11.

  • iPhone 11 Pro.

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max.

  • iPhone XS.

  • iPhone XS Max.

  • iPhone XR.

If you want to use Live Text, you must acquire any of these devices.

I have these devices, but do not have iOS 15 What do I do?

The answer is simple, update your device, the iOS 15 version is now available for most countries. It is likely that you have already received the notification that indicates that the new version can be accessed.

Otherwise, only configuration, general and software update should be accessed. There you should appear the option to update to version 15 of the iPhone operating system.