The new iPad Mini revolutionizes and surprises users

Alexa Acosta
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The new iPad Mini revolutionizes and surprises users – Apple Universe

In Apple's last presentation, where the iPhone 13 was presented, between this and the other devices, highlighted mainly one of them, the iPad Mini. This is because it is the device that has more improvements compared to its previous version.

Its appearance changed completely, was renovated from the inside out, giving a new value to the sixth generation of its smaller tablet. Thanks to all its progress, the iPad Mini has the potential to become a high productivity tool that fits in your pocket.

Here we will show you all the changes that this new iPad of reduced size has received.

Improvements in your design

Apple knows that the more colorful your teams, the more acceptance you will get, that's why the first thing that impresses this iPad is your design. A design that reminds us of incredible iPad Air and Pro, obviously with much smaller dimensions.

The new iPad Mini revolutionizes and surprises users – Apple Universe

Apple focused on improving the user experience when using straight lines, marked edges and greater screen surface in the iPad Mini design. These improvements alone already begin to locate the iPad Mini as the midpoint between an iPhone and an iPad, something very coveted.

Something that undoubtedly emphasizes is your wide screen of 8.3 inches, which employs without the need to sacrifice its reduced size. It has a more renovated panel, using the same Liquid Retina technology that Apple uses on the iPad Air.

This allows a higher resolution in addition to converting to the screen in a compatible with the second generation of the Apple Pencil. Thanks to this new design, the dimensions changed, turning it about 0.78 cm smaller and about 11 grams lighter than its predecessor.

The advantage of this is that, in addition, its edges are now straight and square, allowing a better grip at the time of holding it with one hand. No doubt this returns the use of the iPad much more comfortable, it is easy to remove it within public transport, use it on the street and elsewhere.

It has a straight aluminum edge where has a magnetic system for imaging and holding the pencil apple. It has double disposition of the speakers, both below and above for a better immersion experience in the content.

With the improvement of the screen they also deleted the Home button that owned the Apple tracking reader, the Touch ID. But this does not mean that it no longer possesses it, just as it happens with the iPad Air, this has a Touch ID integrated with the power button.

This leaves the reader to the height of the index or thumb, depending on the way in which the iPad Mini is attached. It also has a port for USB-C with a transfer speed that can reach 5 Gbps.

This high-speed connection has been designed primarily for the connection of hard drives or professional cameras. It should be noted that Apple leaned much more by an interactive notepad than by an alternative to the laptop, so it is not compatible with a Magic Keyboard.

Great power thanks to the fact that it integrates the A15 Bionic chip of Apple

The new iPad Mini revolutionizes and surprises users – Apple Universe

We have just dazzled with the external beauty that this small tablet has, but there is nothing better than what it owns inside. The performance of the iPad Mini improved at exponential levels thanks to the integration of the new A15 Bionic chip.

Thanks to its incredible efficiency and design, this chip allows you to obtain a sufficient autonomy for all day. The main chip is your CPU, which has 6 cores that increase the performance of this equipment by 40%.

The CPU is accompanied by a GPU of 5 cores, providing up to 80 percent more power directed to graphics. These percentages are placed in parallel compared to the previous generation, demonstrating its superiority.

Now you can run all kinds of programs that previously could not be executed on the iPad Mini. The A15 Bionic chip has enough capacity to work with the most demanding tasks, professional design apps, big graphics games and much more.

The possibilities are endless, which makes the iPad Mini into one of the best work and entertainment tools. It even allows advanced automatic learning features, only possible thanks to the 16-core NEUAL Engine.

In addition to the new accelerators for the CPU, allowing this type of task to be executed twice as fast as with the previous equipment. Using the CPU, the GPU and the Neural Engine combination, the iPad Mini offers an experience that is located at a very higher level.

Let's add the fact of using the iPadas 15, and we will understand that it is in our hands a piece of technology of the best quality. With it, we can use powerful tools such as live text, artificial intelligence, translation of text in real-time images, and much more.

Incredibly advanced camera

The new iPad Mini revolutionizes and surprises users – Apple Universe

Regardless of how many updates appear, no doubt the camera is what always ends up calling us attention. Mainly because the video calls or virtual conferences are increasingly used, where a better camera intensifies the experience.

This is something that Apple is well clear, so it worked hard to give us an iPad Mini with ultra-angular 12 megapixel camera. In addition to this, they integrated a capacity until now present on the iPad Pro, the focused frame.

Your front camera offers a better field of vision, wider and critical, what allows you to automatically move the camera to maintain the focus. The camera will follow you everywhere, as long as you are in your range of vision.

If another person enters into the vision range of this camera, it will be detected and will allow a full approach. This allows you to gently include several people in the video call.

On the other hand, the 12 megapixel rear camera has Focus Pixels and a large opening to obtain much more realistic photographs. Combining the True Tone flash and the A15 BIONIC processor, improved images with intelligent HDR are obtained.

Much faster connections with 5G and USB-C

Let's start talking about network connectivity, the iPad Mini has a 5g connection that can reach 3.5 GB/s in the best conditions. This will allow users to be always connected regardless of what they are doing.

Regardless of whether the user is playing a multiplayer or is doing technical field work, connectivity will be kept fluid. This is also attributed to the compatibility it has with Gigabit LTE and the ESIM, providing great connection flexibility.

On the other hand, if we talk about data transfer speed, the USB-C port qualifies as the best option by much. Has the ability to transfer and receive about 5 GB/s, at least about 10 times faster than its predecessor.

The new iPad Mini revolutionizes and surprises users – Apple Universe

In addition to this, allows the connection between all types of accessories as professional cameras, 4K screens and external discs. This connection also offers an entry and exit of the bandwidth, to be used both on day to day and for creative work.

Perfect to perform ultrasound with the indicated accessories, besides being perfect for those photographers who want to edit their photographs at the moment.

Unforgettable experience thanks to the iPados 15

The new iPad Mini revolutionizes and surprises users – Apple Universe

This operating system offers endless features that will completely improve the user experience. The idea is to help maximize the productivity and versatility of this new mini iPad. Among its features we find:

— Thanks to the improvement in the APPS library, you can access a more intuitive way to organize your applications.

— Now you can talk with people from all over the world thanks to the translation. It allows you to have a face-to-face view in the conversations and Translate in real time with great fluency.

— The notes are always at hand, this is thanks to the system rapid notes. Which allows access to written notes with keyboard or Apple Pencil in just half second.

— It has a much more powerful and intuitive multitasking, allowing powerful presentations as Split View.

— Use artificial intelligence to decipher the words, numbers and symbols that are in an image or in a photo. Use live text, with which you can copy any text in images and use them to call, send emails and more.

— Great improvement in FaceTime calls, mainly because it uses space audio, in addition to the portrait of the camera.

Best Accessories

iPad Mini has a new form of sheath, the SMART Folio a case designed specifically for the iPad Mini. It is thin, lightweight and resistant, in addition to having the ability to activate the iPad when it opens it and put it at rest when closing it.

It has a divided presentation in a wide range of colors, which make contrast to the iPad finishes. We can find them in colors such as black, white, electric orange, lavender ingleity and dark cherry.

The new iPad Mini revolutionizes and surprises users – Apple Universe

One of its best accessories is undoubtedly the second generation pencil Apple, an indispensable attachment. Thanks to the incredible features that the screen of this iPad has, Using the Apple Pencil will feel as natural as writing a letter to fist and letter on paper.

Turning this tablet in this tablet into an interactive agenda, a small and daily insurance, a sketchbook or your own book of stories. All this on the same device thanks to the addition of this small digital pencil.

Materials that protect the environment

This device looks as much as possible to care for the environment, since all the components and details that it has in aluminum is 100% recycled. Additionally, the tin that was used for the welding of its circuits was also completely reused.

The magnets used in the speakers and the housings are also 100% recycled, converting this device into an ecological one. This is part of the plan that Apple has to completely eradicate the ecological impact your company has.

Is it really worth the iPad Mini?

The new iPad Mini revolutionizes and surprises users – Apple Universe

The immediate response is yes. It is completely worth it, this iPad can mean the best option that is at a midpoint between an iPhone and an iPad. Mainly because it offers better tablet experiences for the user inside a pocket device.

It is perfect for those people who are starting to look for a device with better qualities than a smartphone. But maintaining acceptable dimensions while preserving a power on par with its best versions.

If you are a cartoonist, doctor, businessman or photographer the iPad Mini insurance will please your technology needs.