The new MacBook Pro of 14 and 16 inches

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The new MacBook Pro of 14 and 16 inches – Apple Universe – WebMediums
MacBook Pro of 14 and 16 inches

For this year 2021 is thinking that it will be a key year in The Apple Universe. The change of Intel to Apple Silicon is just one of the first steps that have been given. Exciting news is being expected that are going to leave the users. One of the news that we all hope is related to the innovative MacBook Pro of 14 and 16 inches that is predicating that they will dethrone the superpowerful M1.

"Millions of users are looking forward to the launch of the new MacBook Pro."

So far the M1 occupies the most powerful portable throne on the planet, and it is something that has captivated millions of users around the world who do not stop admiring the great attributes of this renowned model. However, what is coming will be even more exciting.

The design of the new MacBook Pro of 14 and 16 inches

It is expected that the physical aspect of the new MacBook Pro suffers important renovations that had not been done for a long time. But it is most likely that it is very different from what is currently being.

What may call more attention will be the dimensions of the 14-inch model. Since surely you will keep the same dimensions of the MacBook 13 inches, only with decreases in frames. The panel of the screens is waiting for it to be Mini LED.

In fact, According to Apple analysts, it is expected that by September or October the launch of mass production of these new models is performed. However, as rumors are never missing when an expected launch is expected like this, it is being said that there may be a delay for next year 2022. The good thing is that we are already in the third quarter of the year, and it is very likely that Let us not wait until next year for the launch.

When the production machine is working to the maximum, of Apple insurance may produce huge amounts of laptops daily. In addition, it is believed that already the company acquired many key pieces that guarantee even more than we can have the long-awaited release this year.

The new MacBook Pro of 14 and 16 inches – Apple Universe – WebMediums
Mini LED screen

Apart from the innovative changes in the expected design, the new mini LED screen, which comes with more ports on the periphery and the expected heir of the M1, there is no doubt that the amount of amateurs Apple Universe that are waiting for the new release is still becoming bigger and impatient.

Either way, if the launch is delayed until October next year, the truth is that exciting changes are coming and even until the MacBook Air comes with an update of the M1 passing to M2.

A possible modification that is rumored is the latent elimination of the Touch Bar. You can see the return of the conventional keys, although if with any innovation that characterizes the previous model. For example, you are already talking about innovations like mini screens on each key, but we can still not secure it at all.

As will be the new processor of the 14 and 16-inch MacBook

As this line of laptops is designed for users of the professional sector, the most insurance is that we see a chip superior to the M1. It is said to have two high-efficiency cores and 8 high performance, 16 or 32 cores in the GPU and 64 GB of RAM and according to nearby sources, that chip will be known under the name of M1x.

“If the M1 seemed amazing, wait for you to see your successor”.

Obviously, A processor of such magnitude will require greater ventilation and will consume much more energy. Anyway, with the improvements that Apple can add, we will surely see an incredible power, but with less consumption of the normal in higher performance devices.

The new MacBook Pro of 14 and 16 inches – Apple Universe – WebMediums
MacBook Pro M1X

It is said that the battery will be even more autonomous than the 16-inch version(8,693 mAh) that is slightly lower than the current model, but it will mean an increase due to the change of Intel to Apple Silicon.

Ports of the new MacBook Pro

This is one of the best attributes, since is planned to return to the magsel load port, more than everything due to the insistent requests of users who made it possible to Apple Access to return them. Even, 2 or 4 USB 4 ports, headphones and SD card reader are expected that will surely please all photographers and video editors that are related to digital cameras.

What prices will the new MacBook Pro have?

The 13-inch MacBook Pro costs approximately 1,499 euros that can rise to 2,599 euros if all extensions are made. So surely, the cost of the new MacBook Pro will undoubtedly be very high. Above all, because a premiere is expected in design and obviously that causes an increase in cost for users.

As for the 14-inch model perhaps its cost oscillates between 1,799 and 1,899 euros and may exceed 3,000 euros if we include all updates. If we talk about the model of 16 inches, this could cost €2,799 and may exceed 5,000 if we choose the most top.

“The increase in the cost of the new MacBook is significant due to the important modifications that will include, especially in the design part”.

Although there are many speculations as to dates, a possible launch date can not be ensured due to all the uncertainties that exist around. But what if we can assure is that this release that the company will bring interesting things that will shake all the Apple Universe.

The new MacBook Pro of 14 and 16 inches.