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The powerful new iPhone 13 and its Pro features

Fermín Díaz
6 min read
The powerful new iPhone 13 and its Pro features – Apple Universe – WebMediums
iPhone 13 Pro features

The Apple company is determined to dominate the premium mobile device industry with the arrival of the iPhone 13. Although it is true that there are not many changes compared to the previous model, you can see an update in the position of the camera and the dimensions of the notch.

Leaving aside the changes that have been left as exclusivity regarding the iPhone 13 Pro features. The new iPhone 13 comes with the latest technology for Apple processors, its cinematic mode has given much to talk about among users.

Iphone 13 Pro features

The new iPhone 13 Pro does not go out of the expected, since it preserves the edges in an angle of 90º, its resistance is of IP68 with the same matte glass. The dimensions of the screen are 6.1 and 6.7 inches, refresh rate of 120 Hz, ProMotion adjustment to be able to manage power consumption much better and there is a small reduction in the notch.

The processor that Apple A15 Bionic brings internally and that is released with the new iPhone 13 Pro, has better graphic performance for actions that demand power and fluidity in more demanding situations, such as video and video game editing.

The RAM memory of the new iPhone 2021 is very likely not to have updates and that it retains that of the previous model. In relation to the mAh they are promising that there is an improvement, in fact, they are 1.5 hours more than the 12 Pro and 2.5 hours than the 12 Pro Max.

The powerful new iPhone 13 and its Pro features – Apple Universe – WebMediums
iPhone 13 Pro features

Speaking of the software part, it comes with the iOS 15, retains the NFC and Lightning connector, stereo sound, a shortage of audio minijack, and the TouchID. As a biometric system for unlocking, it still has FaceID.

As expected, as for the camera of the new iPhone 13, it still has the most powerful photographic system so far. The triple camera is still on the back, it includes the following technical specifications:

· Telephoto : 12 MP f / 2.8, 77mm, 3x optical zoom.

· Ultra wide angle : 12 MP f / 1.8, 6P, 120º.

· Main : 12 MP f / 1.5 OIS.

· Front camera: 12 MP f / 2.2.

As the sensors are larger, they have a greater ability to capture light and obtain better results at night. Something new in the camera is the macro mode, something that has been observed for a long time in Android systems and that in most cases requires an additional lens with a very small sensor.

Which means that Apple continues to bet on the triple 12 megapixel sensor, focusing on increasing the size of the sensor and that of the pixels and obtaining a record of 1.9 um per pixel. This means that if the photodiode is larger, it will be able to capture more light and less noise.

As for stability, Apple always boasts of this and that is that now the iPhone 13 have optical image stability by sensor shift, which is an innovative technology that is capable of stabilizing the sensor instead of the lens.

Regarding the cinema mode, it allows you to use selective focus and be able to record in HDR with Dolby Vision.

Photo styles are also new, as the user can apply filters and effects without sacrificing multi-frame image processing. It also includes the night photography mode that is able to reach all lenses finally, as is the case with Samsung models and other brands.

What is the price of the iPhone 13?

The Apple company is making iPhone offers that will surely interest you, these are the new prices that will be available in the market according to their capacity:

As for the iPhone 13 Pro :

a) 128 GB: 1,159 euros.

b) 256 GB: 1,279 euros.

c) 512 GB: 1,509 euros.

d) 1TB: 1,739 euros.

The powerful new iPhone 13 and its Pro features – Apple Universe – WebMediums
IPhone offers vary according to capacity

As for the iPhone 13 Pro Max :

a) 128 GB: 1,259 euros.

b) 256 GB: 1,379 euros.

c) 512 GB: 1,609 euros.

d) 1 TB: 1,839 euros.

Such models are available to users in four surface finishes, such as: graphite, gold, silver, alpine blue.

Features of the iPhone 13

Here we refer to the non-Pro version. The screen is almost the same as the previous model, the diagonal did not change at all, it is still 6.1 inches. But it comes with a super Retina XDR OLED panel with FullHD + resolution.

The modifications are present in the notch and the brightness. The notch was reduced 20% less compared to past models, it is less wide and thinner and is still visible.

The powerful new iPhone 13 and its Pro features – Apple Universe – WebMediums
The new iPhone 13 and its innovative features

The fact that it has been reduced in size is a positive thing, since it can be taken as an indication that perhaps later we will enjoy an iPhone 13 all screen and panel perforation. The speaker that used to be in the center of the notch, now we will have it glued to the frame higher up.

"A disadvantage of the iPhone 13 is that in terms of refresh rate it does not compete with its more direct rivals."

The downside with the notch is that it is not being exploited. The fact of having gained some free space does not allow you to enjoy more icons in the notification bar. What they project is that now the icons are thicker than before, so having reduced the notch is not something from another world.

If we talk a little about the brightness, this iPhone 13 takes the typical brightness up to 800 nits and maintains the 1200 nits of peak.

This allows you to enjoy better vision in broad daylight, but to be honest, it is not something that is very noticeable, especially in the autumn season.

"In terms of display, size and resolution, nothing bad can be said about the iPhone 13."

Regarding the iPhone 13 screen, it maintains the 60 Hz refresh rate, which means that only the Pro models can benefit from this technology. This peculiarity makes the iPhone 13 less attractive than it could be.

The quality of the panel is optimal. Regardless of the use you give it, whether for HDR movies, YouTube videos, or video games, and in the same way, the experience will be exceptional in all sections.

Meet the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro