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Things you can only do with an iPhone

Fermín Díaz
7 min read
Things you can only do with an iPhone – Apple Universe – WebMediums
IPhones have exclusive features


  1. Change background and put a photo

  2. Facetime iPhone

  3. Cinema mode

  4. Video quality

  5. Great technical support and updates

When it comes to choosing a mobile device, for many users the difference is not so relevant, since they think that the most important thing is to be able to stay connected. However, there are those who are looking for a mobile with specific characteristics for a particular objective.

These are the kind of users who do notice the differences between one phone model and another, and who can appreciate the advantages that a particular mobile can have. That said, did you know that there are things that only an iPhone can do?

Here I tell you what they are.

Change background and put a photo

A plus (+) appears in the lower right of the image. You tell it to take photo or record video, and it will automatically turn on the camera, then focus and take the photo.

In real time, the image is changed on both platforms and now that you have the photo you just took from your iPhone, you can make the adjustments you want.

In this way you can link your iPhone to take the photo of your Mac computer, as long as you are within a fully integrated ecosystem.

Things you can only do with an iPhone – Apple Universe – WebMediums
xYou can link iPhone with Mac

The camera and photography sections, mainly for social networks, are usually given very frequently. So, assuming that a member of your family has an iPhone, it is a very good idea to take the photos and upload them to the networks from that unit.

"iOS is much superior to Android, since it does not detract from the image so much quality"

If you want photos to upload to your social networks, such as Instagram, keep in mind that if you are going to upload an original photo, it will look better if you do it from iOS.

It is not recommended that you use the native apps of each social network, better use the camera of your phone to take the photo. Apple has a technology that is unique, which is called PRO RAW.

You can start it and after setting it up, take the photos you want. Arguably the best of both worlds, it has all the power of RAW and the ability of the computational algorithm to enhance images.

Photos can be recorded in any compressed format, from JPEG to HEIC. Which are formats that what they are looking for is to compress and flatten all the curves, but to generate an image that looks good while taking up little space.

The truth is that many platforms, like Apple, allow the RAW or Dng format, which make it possible to work with all ranges and all curves.

Things you can only do with an iPhone – Apple Universe – WebMediums
ProRAW technology

Obviously they weigh about 10 times more than a compressed format, but they store much more information. In the case of exclusive Apple, they have a combination of the computer system that is applied so that an image is generated in JPEG improving contrast, brightness, hdr, dynamic range and correct exposure in different areas.

But also, the possibility that you later modify it, that is, the PRO RAW is the combination of a RAW file saving all the information.

Apart from saving all the information, it applies the computational calculation to generate the best of each of these actions specifically.

Therefore, if you must take into account the PRO RAW, and you should know that in terms of social networks, the quality is not affected by the iOS units because they deliver a better quality in each of their photographs.

Facetime iPhone

One of the new features of iOS is that FaceTime calls can be generated. These can be sent as links to people who are not within the Apple ecosystem.

In any case, one of the great benefits is that you can press the compress screen button, and it could be in this same call in facetime. It even has several modalities, you can change and select. If you want to see the source of what another user shares with you.

Things you can only do with an iPhone – Apple Universe – WebMediums
Thanks to facetime you can call Windows or Android users

Another very useful function is when you are making a FaceTime call. You go to the configuration section and there you will see an area that says "microphone". You put it in voice isolation mode, and it will happen that it isolates any external sound other than your voice.

For example, you can run a vacuum cleaner and the other user will not hear the sound of it, they can only hear your voice. Great, isn't it?

Cinema mode

Cinema mode exists on many units, however Apple has made it different. In a way that allows us to take different parameters. When working on an image, you decide where in the photo or video the focus is to be applied.

You can do it automatically. If you move your head towards another person, the focus is on that person's face. But also, you can decide in post-production and edit the clip you recorded, as long as it is in cinematic format.

Things you can only do with an iPhone – Apple Universe – WebMediums
Cinema mode is a new option for iPhones

Remember that it is full HD, that is, 1080 at 25-30 fps. You can define what part of the focus you want, even how much aperture you want in the lens, adjusting more specifically where you want it to be seen the most.

But it must be recognized that it is not the best implementation, with some adjustments you make, cunningly and in a very subtle way, the application can give you very good results.

Video quality

Apple drives are amazing here, because they allow you to record in ProRes. You just have to go to the settings and activate the ProRes mode, and when you go to record you turn on that recording.

It consumes about 6Gb per minute, but it is of excellent quality. So we recommend it, if the shots are very complicated in relation to the exposure or some parameters.

If you use third-party applications such as FiLMiC, you can define how much you want the 422 to be optimized or even other parameters within ProRes itself.

Therefore, those features are not available to any other mobile unit and are exclusive to Apple. Which makes it a very good option for certain types of semi-professional recordings, unless you put lenses and to make them a little more professional.

Great technical support and updates

Technical support, assistance and being able to consult in official stores in any country where you have them is a great benefit.

Finally, Apple gives you 5 or 6 years of security patch and system updates. Even more than 6 years (in some cases) for security patches or some vulnerabilities that appear and that Apple maintains over time.

This benefit of a very long-term support generates a great subsequent benefit, which is the economic one. Apple units sell more expensively over the years.

This means that, if you buy any unit, in a short time it loses its value. However, any Apple unit retains its value over time because it is always up-to-date.