Meet the 7 classic shoes that marked history

Maria de Piña
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Meet the 7 classic shoes that marked history – Art and culture – WebMediums
Meet the 7 classic shoes that marked history

Some shoes seem to have been with us for a lifetime, and they are still in fashion. Well, both its designs and its history made this possible, a fact that invites us to learn more about the classic shoes that marked history.

The fame achieved by certain shoes has crossed the barrier of time, and in their original style, or with modifications, they are still on the scene today, hand in hand with prestigious brands.

And if you still don't know which ones I'm referring to, I recommend that you pay attention to your curiosity to find out about the most iconic models.

Shoes that have marked history in fashion

Every day a new design comes out on the market and trends in footwear come and go very quickly, with few managing to stay for more than a decade.

With these models it was not like that and if you did not know them, you will surely want to have them in your wardrobe.

1. Chanel Slingback

Meet the 7 classic shoes that marked history – Art and culture – WebMediums
Chanel current model slingback

Let's start with something very elegant and high quality, with them we mean the famous bicolors of the giant Chanel. They saw the light of the sun in the year 1957, with a two-tone aesthetic that fascinated all the ladies who were looking for something fresh and innovative.

Its magic is in the combination of black on the toe to stylize the foot and its beige color on the rest, to make the legs look longer. They were designed to last over time and today we continue to see them on the feet of thousands of women.

Their elegance has accompanied great celebrities throughout history, and their fame is such that they are recognizable anywhere in the world.

2. Chuck Taylor-Converse All Stars

Meet the 7 classic shoes that marked history – Art and culture – WebMediums
Chuck Taylor-Converse All Stars Ankle Boots

Surely you have one or several pairs of the classic Converse, and with this you will be pleased to know that they already have more than 100 years in the market. Since 1920 they have been on the sports scene, but thanks to basketball player Chuck Taylor their fame and popularity became unstoppable.

It all starts when the player suggested a couple of improvements to the All Stars model. With this, his signature was stamped on this iconic model, which has been one of the pieces that cannot be missing in anyone's wardrobe.

Their design is practical, simple and beautiful, although they were designed to play basketball, they have been on everyone's feet in original or renovated format, and not exactly on the court.

3. Pigalle-Louboutin

Meet the 7 classic shoes that marked history – Art and culture – WebMediums

This model is a bit young, it has not yet completed its second decade, since it was launched on the market in 2004, but everything seems to indicate that we will see them for a long time. It is a shoe that can be a benchmark of elegance, class or sensuality, since it has everything you need.

Its most striking model is the classic shiny black color with a red sole and without a doubt this is the favorite of many.

Its long and sharp heel is another symbol of its originality, which makes it stand out and be one of the first options of many celebrities.

It is a shoe that we can classify as timeless and in any design it looks fabulous, that is why it is already one of those highlights that are leaving their mark.

4. Superstar-Adidas

Meet the 7 classic shoes that marked history – Art and culture – WebMediums
Superstar-Adidas current model

Who has not loved Adidas's most classic shoe, these beauties came to the world in the 60's, but became popular with the appearance of hip hop. Its aesthetic encloses such a simple and minimalist concept that makes it a highly striking shoe.

Adidas has developed countless models, but even today these are the favorites of many.

They have dressed the feet of many artists since their creation, especially in the musical area and they are practically the genesis of the streetwear fashion trend.

5. Air Jordan I-Nike

Meet the 7 classic shoes that marked history – Art and culture – WebMediums
Air Jordan I- Nike current model

Following the sports line a bit, we find this super classic of ankle boots. They were designed for the king of basketball known as Michael Jordan.

They went on sale in late 1984, and as the basketball player's fame grew, so did the demand for them. These boots are considered a jewel that any basketball fan wants to own and their design has captivated millions around the planet.

Currently they can be found in multiple colors for all genders, but their original combination is black and blue.

6. Mary Janes

Meet the 7 classic shoes that marked history – Art and culture – WebMediums
velvet Mary Janes

Also known as Mary Jane, these cute slippers have been accompanying women and girls for more than 100 years. Their story is steeped in love, drama, and royal nobles, but above all they've given us that simple, classic touch that doesn't need too much.

Their design is quite practical and simple, which is why they are the favorites of many mothers who want to dress their girls with a classic and formal look. Today they are found in many colors, but black is the most sought after.

And although it is true that its popularity is among the smallest, it does not escape being a very attractive option for girls who like a sober and demure look.


Meet the 7 classic shoes that marked history – Art and culture – WebMediums
current model oxford

The oldest exponent of this small selection of classic shoes that marked history, could not be other than the annealed Oxford. Who despite not being called that at first, the name was associated with them thanks to their popularity in this prestigious university.

In them there is a vivid reflection of formality, style, quality and respect, they are the shoes worn by presidents and powerful men in high class spheres. More than 200 years have passed since its creation and they will continue to be a benchmark for the best in men's footwear.

However, for some time they have also been available for women, with a wide variety of colors and designs, but with the same essence as the original model.

Fashion will never stop surprising us, but there are few garments that manage to remain marked in history like the ones we saw a moment ago.

This is thanks to the projection of great design artists who gave life to such iconic models that we still love to wear today.