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The Johnny Depp NFT Collection

The multifaceted Hollywood actor has entered the world of non-fungible tokens

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The Johnny Depp NFT Collection – Art and culture – WebMediums
The American actor is focused on moving forward in his life after Amber Heard

After a couple of difficult years, the famous and beloved interpreter of characters such as: Captain Jack Sparrow, Young Scissorhands, The Hatter, Willy Wonka, among other iconic characters, returns.

The actor shows us that bad things always come to an end, and his two new projects have made it very clear that he is getting out of all that trouble, which makes us very happy for him.

Depp has not only got everyone hyped for his new role as Louis XV, he's also started selling NFTs! And we know you want to know more. Scroll down and discover all the details!

The Johnny Depp NFT Collection – Art and culture – WebMediums
Depp creates works with strong and striking colors. Use markers and paint

Johnny Depp and his passion for painting

As he has shown many times throughout his career, actor Johnny Depp is passionate about art in its entirety. And in recent years he has kept from showing other of his talents that are not related to acting.

Apparently making such iconic personifications over time is not the only thing the interpreter does well, he also takes painting very seriously, carrying this hobby with him for many years.

Depp himself mentions how important painting is for him, since he feels it as a therapy for reflection and inner peace. Where he meditates and places a cool head whenever he feels bad.

He has expressed that he has kept this talent for a long time, which he believes is a limitation imposed by himself, but today he brings as a philosophy the idea that "no person should limit themselves in covering up such a talent."

For this very reason, he has made the decision to innovate with the technology and profits that NFTs have to offer, joining the list of celebrities who have entered the world of digital assets.

The Johnny Depp NFT Collection – Art and culture – WebMediums
Johnny creating the logo for his NFTs

NFT Collection: Never Fear Truth

"Never fear the truth" is the name chosen to represent the 11,100 NFTs from the original Johnny Depp collection, made by the famous artist's own hand.

Due to the fact that they are physical paintings, the holders of these tokens can have both the "non-palpable" purchase and the "palpable" option of each physical painting for sale.

But, only 10,000 NFTs can be selled, while the other 1,100 NFTs are in the hands of the artist.

The Johnny Depp NFT Collection – Art and culture – WebMediums
First platform where the actor's non-fungible tokens went on sale

Where can they be found?

The paintings that were placed for sale are on the official page of the NFT project, which apparently is not a coincidence that their initials referred to the name of the abbreviation of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

I mean, it's just the right pun: NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and NFT (Never Fear Truth). Depp and his team didn't give it much thought, but a good result came out.

Similarly, the works currently available for the general public can be found on the Rarible platform, which is a very popular showcase for digital art. Also in Open Sea it has been added in recent days.

The Johnny Depp NFT Collection – Art and culture – WebMediums
Al Pacino by Johnny Depp (paintings can also be gifts)

What are the works about?

Depp's works are plagued with strong and attractive colors, consonants and triggers when it comes to expressing something. Which brings as a consequence, that his paintings are full of a Pop Art style.

Bringing to the physical side, portraits of his loved ones, closest friends, characters that inspire him, and himself, reflecting many times how he feels at that moment.

His paintings wander in protagonists, such as his daughter Lily-Rose Depp, his son's imaginary friend, who is called Bunnyman, and also pays tribute to his deceased pet in one of these various paintings.

Among the close friends and stars who have served as inspiration, celebrities include: Marlon Brando, Tim Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Al Pacino, Heath Ledger, among others.

The Johnny Depp NFT Collection – Art and culture – WebMediums
The Discord community already has two thousand members

How is it doing in the market?

It is not necessary to forget that in recent years Johnny Depp has been fighting against a type of censorship towards what he does within the public environment.

Despite everything that has happened , the digital art community has been supporting this artist in a new facet like this.

Until now, records of USD$1.1M have been recorded, as a total volume within the Rarible market. The highest sale was quoted at a price of USD$11.3K, while the lowest sale is at about USD$4.1K.

The Never Fear Truth community has already grown to a larger group of 2K members, all in possession of a Johnny Depp's NFT.

The Johnny Depp NFT Collection – Art and culture – WebMediums
Johnny Depp applying minor details to Al Pacino's painting

Never Fear Truth Community

When you buy a painting of the actor Johnny Depp, you not only get the digital or physical art, you also have a free pass to enter the American actor's Discord community.

Where not only appreciaters of Depp's paintings enter, but also fans, and anyone who owns an NFT from the "Never Fear Truth" collection.

When the sale is finalized, the NFT indicates a type of code, which will take you to the Discord page, where the actor is looking to talk about art.

And not just the idea of having a kind of forum with your buyers to just say that they form a community, you also want fans to collaborate on different creative projects within the world of digital art.

The Johnny Depp NFT Collection – Art and culture – WebMediums
Heath Ledger painting by Depp

Donation of Johnny Depp

The actor has decided to donate 25% of the proceeds from the sale of his NFT collection, within Rarible, to various specialized and recognized foundations.

NGOs (non-governmental organizations), such as the organization against AIDS, of the beloved Elizabeth Taylor, the children's hospital of Los Angeles, Great Ormond Street: children's hospital, among other foundations that require a helping hand.

If you want to see more than the 10,000 works converted into NFT, you can easily enter the Rarible platform through the search engine, or visit the Instagram account with the name johnnydeppnft.