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The artist Jackson Martínez starts the year with the premiere of his new single “Proclamaré”

Luis Rafael
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The artist Jackson Martínez starts the year with the premiere of his new single “Proclamaré”
The artist Jackson Martínez starts the year with the premiere of his new single “Proclamaré”

Jackson Martínez is one of the best Spanish-speaking artists, and for this occasion he decides to start this 2022 by launching a song that has stood out and is a trend throughout the world.

The song is called “Proclamaré” and it has a pretty catchy melody and behind its lyrics it hides a great message.

Jackson Martínez's new promotional theme was written and composed by himself, it talks about the hope and strength that people have who, even in the face of doubt and uncertainty, follow God's path and regardless of adversity always seek a way to meet your goals.

Who is Jackson Martinez?

Jackson Martínez is a Colombian ex-soccer player recognized worldwide, for being one of the best soccer players of his team. In 2019, he decided to retire from football, and began a prosperous career as a musical artist.

Currently, he has released a music album. The musical genre that predominates in the artist's songs is Christian rap, and since the ex-soccer player began his path to God, everything changed for him, and he decided to share the feeling through his songs.

About the single “Proclamaré” by Jackson Martínez

The famous Colombian athlete and artist composes and writes each of his songs, he has always liked to demonstrate and transmit the feelings he has, before all his audience and followers.

For this new song, the singer decided to emphasize his experiences, all the things he had to go through to become the person he is today, and his bond with God.

The song was produced by Palma Productions with the participation of Mr. Dec and Hugo 30. The song was made in the city of Medellín, Colombia.

The video clip of the song, on the other hand, was recorded in Portugal where the Colombian singer currently resides.

The official video of Proclamaré was made by "Uzzy" one of the best European videographers, this is the first time he works with the great Jackson Martínez.

The new album “No Hay Duda” will be released in April

The famous Colombian artist has already set a release date for his new album, “No hay doubt”. It will be available between April 28 and 30 through all music platforms.

The objective that he wants to convey with this new album is that all humans have mistakes and that solving them is not so complicated if we have faith and hope.