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The influencer Kunno ventures into the world of music and will debut as a DJ

Luis Rafael
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Kunno is a Mexican influencer who has dominated social media like TikTok and Instagram.

He has stood out for his videos performing dances, and has occasionally released his own songs through his social networks. He recently announced that he has a new musical project prepared for this year.

The Mexican broadcasted a live where he spoke with his followers about his 2022 itinerary, he mentioned that he has a surprise for everyone.

He stated that he would be part of several music festivals, but he has not provided the dates or the events where he plans to officially make his music debut.

The influencer Kunno ventures into the world of music and will debut as a DJ
The influencer Kunno ventures into the world of music and will debut as a DJ

However, he also plans to start modeling and acting, so he can become a versatile media influencer.

The TikToker decides to carry out these activities taking advantage of the fact that this year the festivals and all the entertainment industries will be opening again.

Kunno is going to debut as a DJ

On January 30th, the famous TikTok made public one of the most unexpected news for all his followers; Kunno will be debuting as a DJ during one of his festive performances throughout the year.

He stated that since he was little he had always had the dream of being a DJ one day, and he thinks that now is the perfect time.

Kunno's fame

One of the biggest questions of all his followers revolves around how influencers get so successful. Certainly social networks help connect with people.

However, there are artists who achieve great numbers. Kunno did not start in the world of entertainment with TikTok as many believe.

The influencer began his path to fame by making joke videos through his social networks a couple of years ago.

In 2020, when TikTok was booming, the Mexican decided to create his account and perform dance challenges and funny videos, he quickly saw the results and his followers increased abysmally.

Artist projects for this year

The Mexican recently attended a virtual press conference where they talked about their milestones, the most viral videos on their networks and about their new projects.

Kunno stated that this year will mark the beginning of his career as a pop artist and it is very likely that he will produce his first EP.

“I am going to dedicate myself a lot to music... as the industry is already being reactivated, several festivals, events are coming, and I am going to do many things on that side that for now I am not going to speed up. I will also make a debut as a DJ, I want to explore that side, and of course a lot of acting and a lot of modeling. This year you will see me in many facets and launching new projects”, with these words Kunno concluded his statement at the interview.