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Dye Your Hair Blonde or Black Naturally

Homemade recipes to pigment your hair in these desired colors

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Dye Your Hair Blonde or Black Naturally – Beauty – WebMediums
Long dark hair

As we have already presented in another article of natural dyeing or color bath, these are home remedies that pigment hair to achieve those looks that will lead us to the color we want.

In this specific opportunity, we will talk about how to lighten and darken the most extreme phases of the hair, in a homemade way and above all, protecting our hair from harmful agents that traditional dye has.

Discover natural remedies to achieve that dreamed of blonde, or that whim of black.

Dye Your Hair Blonde or Black Naturally – Beauty – WebMediums
Light hair

How to lighten hair?

It is a question quite searched in Google, since it is very tempting to reach this color in a thrifty way, and we know that it is usually very difficult to get that blonde you want.

It is usually easier to achieve this color, when you already have a natural color or a somewhat light base, because natural remedies will only serve to lighten it one or two tones in application.

Also, for this same reason we emphasize that you can use these remedies once a week, so that the result is better and better.

Chamomile or chamomile tea, honey, lemon are some of the ingredients that stand out the most for their natural lightening power.

Dye Your Hair Blonde or Black Naturally – Beauty – WebMediums
Naturally lightening agents

Cinnamon and honey

More than just making a sweet with these lovely foods, we can also get the benefits of these ingredients in our hair.

Cinnamon is a natural exfoliator, similar to ground coffee, its antioxidant powers are also similar to that of the aforementioned, keeping hair free of annoying dandruff.

Honey is a hair growth stimulant, adding that it has a series of important vitamins and minerals for your hair, as well as leaving it looking shiny and surprisingly soft.

Ingredients :

• Cinnamon • Honey • Coconut oil.

Realization :

1- In a container place one (1) cup of honey 2- Add two (2) tablespoons of cinnamon powder 3- Mix until the ingredients are well linked 4- Add one (1) tablespoon of coconut oil, stir, and you are ready to apply.

Application :

You are going to put the mixture in the same container that you would use to dye with a traditional dye, while you wet your hair a little, so that it is much easier to apply.

It is better not to get soggy, just a little damp. Start wetting your hair with the mixture from root to tip. Expect results by having a plastic cap, for one (1) or three (3) hours, and then rinse with plenty of water and your favorite shampoo.

Dye Your Hair Blonde or Black Naturally – Beauty – WebMediums
Herb with which this multifaceted tea is made

Chamomile tea

Chamomile is possessed, as we already know, of a very yellowish color. These pigments can be added deep into the hair to lighten it. This is also why we see so many beauty products that use this herb as the main ingredient.


  • Chamomile tea bags

  • Water


1- In a pot, bring one (1) cup of water to boil 2- Add two (2) chamomile tea bags 3- Turn off the kitchen and wait for the tea to rest.

Application: This remedy is more than a tonic, which is perfect to spread on the hair before going out or after bathing. Therefore, if you have an atomizer at home, it is one of the easiest ways to make applications increasingly lighten your hair.

You can do it whether your hair is wet or dry, and you don't need to take it out after a while. You can leave it all day.

Dye Your Hair Blonde or Black Naturally – Beauty – WebMediums
Woman with black hair

How to darken the hair? The black color is the dye, which does more damage to a girl's hair. This is why many have been afraid of it for a long time, but with these beauty secrets you don't have to worry about this.

There are natural pigments that can generate that black color that you want so much, but if after a few weeks it bores you, and you want to return to your natural color, this effect will fall without leaving a trace of its application.

This effect is provided by the natural pigment that has been used to paint people's skin and hair for hundreds of years. Of course, we are talking about Henna.

Dye Your Hair Blonde or Black Naturally – Beauty – WebMediums
Henna powder

Henna for black hair

This product not only gives the color you love so much to your hair so that it does not get damaged, since it does not discolor it. If not, it also offers fine hair more strength and strength, which will avoid having a dull and brittle mane.

You can get it in pharmacies, beauty stores, health food stores or supermarkets. It can come both in powder form, and in cream. But it is always better to use the powdered product.


  • Henna sachet

  • Hot water

  • Olive oil


1- In a container or plastic bowl, place the entire bag of Henna 2- Add the hot water little by little to stir 3- Mix until you feel that the mixture is not so thick or so liquid 4- Add a tablespoon of olive oil and stir until all the ingredients are well dissolved.


To apply Henna you have to be very careful to stain other objects, clothes or your own skin. For this reason, we recommend you to place yourself in a place where there are no problems of dirt, wear an old shirt and use petroleum jelly on the parts that normally tend to stain with dyes: ears, neck, forehead, etc.

For the hands, use plastic gloves, and a brush to apply the henna in a good way from roots to ends. The standing time can vary from one (1) hour to four (4) hours. The longer you leave the product on your hair, the darker the result will be. Then rinse with water and normally.

How long do the results last?

It can vary from the recipe you choose, but they will always go in two to three weeks. But they could last even longer if you follow the following recommendations:

  • Do not wash your hair daily, much less with hot water

  • Avoid products like hair gel or hairspray constantly

  • Avoid having a lot of contact with the sun

  • And try to keep it as hydrated as possible

A hat and treatment once a week will do more for your hair than you can imagine.

Enjoy these temporary colors that are also quick to make to cover gray hair or just to play a little with your look, remembering our recommendations so that the result is even better.