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The best way to do a natural makeup

Dilis Salazar
4 min read
natural makeup step by step

That simplicity does not make you look simple, apply a natural makeup for those daytime events, where you do not require so many cosmetics and you can look just as radiant.

It is ideal to go to university, a day at work, or go out to eat with your friends. Natural makeup applies at any time, as long as you learn how to do it, taking into account the tones and the steps that you cannot ignore.

How to do a natural makeup step by step?


Prepare the skin

Before applying any type of cosmetic, your face must be completely clean. In this sense, I recommend washing with water, removing all the impurities that you may have.

If you wish, moist towels without perfume can also be an option to remove all those impurities from your face, and the rest of the makeup that you may have. The hydration of our face is also necessary, so it will not hurt to apply a facial routine every morning.

Conceal imperfections with concealer

Eliminate dark circles with the help of concealer

With the help of the corrector we can hide those small defects that appear in any part of the face and that we do not want to have.

The concealer is the best ally to hide our dark circles, those points or pimples that appear on the face. This should be applied in a small amount, be sure that if you exaggerate in your proportion you will find the unwanted effect.

There are many types and colors of correctors, in this sense there is the green tonality corrector that is used to eliminate pimples, and the yellow corrector that is used to neutralize dark circles. You can also find liquid, stick, cream or powder concealer.

To apply it to the dark circles area, pick a shade that is closest to your skin color. Apply small drops to the bottom of the eyes, spread it out without dragging the product and begin to blend at the ends.

Apply the foundation on your face

Apply a good base on your face

The base is what gives the makeup perfection and although we are talking about natural makeup, we cannot help but forget that it must also be perfect.

The first thing to make it perfect is to get the one that suits your skin color, if you take a different number to your skin, it will be very noticeable.

I advise you to look for foundations from the best makeup brands, as these will guarantee impeccable skin, with natural coverage and a matte finish, and in this type of makeup this is what is required.

If you are going to apply the foundation with your hands, we recommend only applying a few small drops on the wrist and then starting with small dots on your face. Always from the center out. You can blur with the fingertips, with small taps.

Although for a perfect finish, I recommend blending the foundation onto your face, with the help of a small sponge. First apply base with soft touches, all over the face, avoid dragging the work, it will always blur.

bronzing powder

Apply blush correctly on your cheeks

So that the skin does not look so simple, you can use some bronzing powder or blush on your cheeks. This will end up giving you the perfect finish for your skin. You can use a pink or peach tone, so that it does not seem overloaded.

This should be applied to the forehead area, cheeks, and under the jawbone. Without a doubt, it will give your face a perfect look, with a well-deserved natural makeup.

simple lips

Soft lip tones for natural makeup

For the lips, in a natural makeup you can use nude tones, which help you give it volume, but without exaggerating.

For a natural lip makeup, you can start by applying lipstick one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. You can look for a lipstick with a matte finish in the same shade as the pencil, and apply it to your lips.

Apply it evenly with a firm hand, so that it is perfect. You can also use cream glosses, in case you don't want to use a different shade, but want to look as natural as possible.

With these 5 steps you will be able to make a perfect natural makeup, which you can take to a day event without any impediment.



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