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Learn the secrets of 14 leaders to achieve business success

Tips that can help you achieve your business goals

Darwin Nexans
6 min read
Learn the secrets of 14 leaders to achieve business success – Business

I believe that all of us, if we had the economic possibilities, would be able to pay to know what the secret of success is, however, we know that such a thing does not exist, just as there is no formula that guarantees us to reach the summit of prosperity, on all the economic.

What if you can guide us to achieve success, is to observe and practice the habits of the most outstanding leaders to be more effective in the entrepreneurial career.

These are the maxims of business success

Today I will present you the secrets of entrepreneurs of the 250 best-run companies this year, according to the magazine Norteamérica INC:

1. A note on the monitor

For the co-founder and CEO of the financial services company Plaid, Zach Perret, his secret is to get focus on what he undertakes, for this reason, he has decided to write the word focus on sticky notes, which he places on the monitor of his computer.

He also constantly talks about what he needs to focus on.

2. Eliminate equipment isolation

Learn the secrets of 14 leaders to achieve business success – Business

Individualism within business organizations is a real enemy, as it hinders productivity, for this reason Michael DeCesare, CEO of the cybersecurity company Exabeam, says that his main objective in his organization is to force teams to share goals more collaborative.

He assures that he had to break the isolation organizations, in addition to making some roles dependent on two different organizations.

3. Shared ownership

Learn the secrets of 14 leaders to achieve business success – Business

The co-founder and CEO of the insurance company AssuredPartners, J im Henderson, says that in order for a company to remain prosperous for years, it has been to understand that their organization is a shared property.

According to the "one third of the company is owned by the employees," in fact, he explains that his goal in creating the company was to build a business where the people who joined were happy to stay.

4. Spend time in a meeting know what will be discussed in the meeting

Dev Ittycheria, CEO of the MongoDB database platform, when he starts his meetings, he takes 10 to 15 minutes for all participants to read the notes, and learn in detail the points to be discussed.

Learn the secrets of 14 leaders to achieve business success – Business
Start meetings early

He says that in this way, people will have all the necessary data, and will be able to make more assertive comments, and the meeting is enriched with everyone's opinions.

5. Successful partnerships: Allow people to participate

Making the decision to partner with someone else to do a business is not an easy task, mainly, because your ideas may be displaced, and that will make you feel bad.

But for Kurt Workman, co-founder and CEO of Owlet Baby Care, that's no problem.

Workman explains that the secret to successful partnerships is to let go of the ego, and allow people (partners) to participate in decision-making, including taking ownership of the business. He points out that it is important that the people who participate in the business are incentivized.

6. Hire winners

Learn the secrets of 14 leaders to achieve business success – Business

The co-founder and CEO of cybersecurity company CrowdStrike, George Kurtz, is a bit more ambitious, and says his secret to being a successful business is to hire people who hate to lose.

According to him, these types of people, since they do not want to have that horrible feeling of losing, are more motivated to achieve.

7. Safe employees

Productivity is one of the main goals of Stuart Landesberg, co-founder and CEO of Grove Collaborative, and to achieve it, he indicates that he works on giving his employees a sense of psychological security.

It achieves this, thanks to its team of leaders who have been instructed to celebrate the successes and failures of workers in a visible way before the entire organization.

8. Build personal relationships

Hayden Brown, who is the CEO of the Upwork freelance work platform, puts the emphasis on leadership.

But he says that to be a leader it is necessary to build personal relationships, he says that this allows the things that they have in common to be unlocked and multiplied.

9. Be intentional

Learn the secrets of 14 leaders to achieve business success – Business

It is well known by all that among the secrets of success is creating work teams.

This is well known to the co-founder and co-CEO of the ecological sneaker brand Allbirds, Tim Brown, who affirms that to achieve that dream team you have to be intentional, make the group see the guiding principles of the organization: mission, vision and values.

10. Train employees

Karl Sun, co-founder and CEO of Lucid, a visual collaboration software company, believes that to be successful with employees, you have to train them.

For this, within your company you have formal mentoring programs that are responsible for instructing new employees, who are always willing to learn, and do so quickly.

11. Learn to receive criticism

"We are all unfinished products," says Zachariah Reitano, co-founder and CEO of Ro, a telehealth and online pharmacy company.

He believes that the secret to moving towards success lies in knowing how to accept criticism, he even says that you have to learn to love them.

12. Leading the competition: Agility

Learn the secrets of 14 leaders to achieve business success – Business
Empower the team

Being an industry or market leader is no easy feat, but Jason Robins, Co-Founder and CEO of DraftKings, seems to have a secret to achieving this.

He says that when he sees an opportunity, it is necessary to pursue it until it is reached, he is not afraid to change things, because he ensures that agile mentality empowers the team and the organization to lead through change.

13. Make leaders want more

A good leader prepares other leaders, we can hear that in any leadership conference, but Deanie Elsner, executive director of Charlotte's Web Hemp, manufacturer of cannabinoid products for wellness, adds one more ingredient, and that is that those leaders in training always want more challenges, yearn to go beyond where they are and thus advance in their next role within the company.

14. Help your team level up

Nick Vlahos, CEO of The Honest Company, a personal care company founded by Jessica Alba, firmly believes that the secret to leveling up as an organization is helping your people grow.

He says that as a leader you should focus on the 4 Ps: People, Plan, Process and Performance, the last three Ps can be achieved when you have the right people.

These have been the most attractive maxims of the directors, who aim to achieve business success.