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Bitcoin does not stop rising, should we prepare ?: This is what you should keep in mind

Alexa Acosta
3 min read

The most famous cryptocurrency in the world never ceases to amaze us, increasingly pointing to all-time highs ever reached. Many investors are betting on Bitcoin, although many others are cautious due to its enormous volatility.

Really the most sensible thing is not to get carried away by emotion, despite the fact that this coin could exceed USD 100,000 by the end of 2021. The best thing is to be calculating, and be attentive to any direct exchange rate in the market of this cryptocurrency to guarantee profits.

Regardless of whether you are knowledgeable about this currency, there are simple ways to understand its operation and guess its growth. For example, in this post we show you some of the factors that you should take into account if you plan to invest in this cryptocurrency.

Factors to consider

Bitcoin's uptrends are running their course, a lot is expected of it, and owners have expectations that exceed imagination. To date, it is estimated that its growth will even take it to USD 300,000, this in just a few months.

This is certainly just speculation, but there are predictions that really do cling to reality, but are hard to see. Let's know why the expectations of Bitcoin are increasing more and more:

Minimum Bitcoin offers remain at 60,000

If there is a sure way to keep a cryptocurrency held to a minimum, it is through its buyers and sellers. Thanks to these, it is expected that USD 60,000 will become the new minimum value of this cryptocurrency, something difficult to achieve, but which is a reality.

To achieve this, exchanges have lately been in charge of keeping the rate away from the lows related to 60,000. Every time its price approaches this minimum, massive purchases are made through automatic market orders within the different brokers.

Those orders ensure that the price stays, which prevents surprise drops in the coming months. It also opens the doors to new all-time highs, and it is one of the key points to understand the high expectations that are deposited in Bitcoin.

Maintains the same upward trend as in 2017

In the same way that it happened a few years ago, the market leading cryptocurrency has bullish patterns that point to rapid growth. Although it recently had a 10% drop, it managed to recover almost immediately, something very positive for those interested.

This bearish Sunday ended up becoming a powerful bullish Monday, which promises to increase throughout the week. Something very similar to what happened in 2017, so many speculate that it will rise again even more than double its current price.

Exchanges have low sales

Currently, market conditions are indispensable to predict the growth of Bitcoin. Mass buying trends have been on the rise for most of the year, but are slowly starting to decline.

This may be indicating that investors are waiting for an exponential increase in the cryptocurrency, so they stop buying. It is believed that by the time the massive buying and selling begins, Bitcoin will have already doubled in value.

Bulls aim to hit 300,000 in the next few months

Many believe that it is impossible, but it seems to be something that is not far from reality, as we have seen, everything points to the top. Without a doubt, we will soon be surprised with a repowering Bitcoin, a value that exceeds what many believe possible, with infinite possibilities.


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