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Cryptocurrencies: The Trends That Made an Impact in 2021

The 5 hottest cryptocurrencies to close the year

Irene de Espinoza
6 min read
Cryptocurrencies: The Trends That Made an Impact in 2021 – Cryptocurrencies
The hottest this year

We are already in the last quarter of 2021 and there are many cryptocurrencies that have been a trend so far this year.

The scope has been extraordinary, and investors have arrived at the best time.

If you are still wondering which cryptocurrency to invest in? I invite you to observe this analysis and draw your own conclusions.

Most of the people bet on stable cryptocurrencies, or with a long time of trajectory.

However, this is like letting the flow carry us with the rest of the investors. If you consider yourself daring, you can review these 5 cryptocurrencies that left us amazed and continue to grow even with time or the market against it.

Cryptocurrencies: The Trends That Made an Impact in 2021 – Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies to invest

SOLANA: price, market capitalization and growth

For those who invested in this currency in January of this year, today they can be very calm with their profits. Even in short-term operations, very productive hits have been found. Solana comes with promising projects, by itself it is considered the fastest Blockchain technology coin that currently exists.

Currently, Solana or SOL have a market capitalization of 47,000 million dollars, at the time of writing this article the price ranges from 190 to 200 dollars.

This currency played a leading role in the face of different price drops, among the most important in the market. As we watched the top cryptos go down, SOLANA held and was projecting continued growth.

Cryptocurrencies: The Trends That Made an Impact in 2021 – Cryptocurrencies
Solana: from nothing to everything

Ripple XRP: quotes that keep our interest

This is another of the cryptocurrencies that we can denote as trends in 2021. Although it has had its upward and downward trends, we cannot fail to highlight its position in the market.

It is currently in an uptrend and its market capitalization exceeds $50,000.

The projections expected for Ripple are associated with an uptrend. Perfect moments that can be achieved to profit with short operations. That is the key to every analysis. Determine the course of the currencies and consider the best time to open trades.

Cryptocurrencies: The Trends That Made an Impact in 2021 – Cryptocurrencies
XRP could explode

Memecoins that cannot be missed

Memecoins cannot be left behind in this year of trends. The two most popular and popular have staggeringly exceeded our expectations.

DOGECOIN: Elon Musk's protected meme coin

A popularity that has given much to talk about, it can be crazy to believe in a coin that does not have a clear idea of sustainable projects. However, this famous memecoins supports its growth thanks to the support of Tesla visionary Elon Musk.

The fury grows and drags the price when this character publishes only one tweet.

DOGECOIN has a good place in the ranking of the most popular and trending cryptocurrencies of 2021.

For many it is an effective success. You just have to work carefully, they are even more volatile than traditional currencies such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum or Cardano.

Cryptocurrencies: The Trends That Made an Impact in 2021 – Cryptocurrencies
DOGECOIN remains

Shiba Inu: eager to dethrone DOGECOIN

Shiba Inu was considered as the cloning of DOGECOIN, however, each one has its own projects and scopes. He currently has stiff competition for the popularity of the moment.

Shiba grows every day in support from small and large investors. This has definitely been an excellent year for this cryptocurrency.

Best of all, even without closing the year, growth is considered promising.

Cryptocurrencies: The Trends That Made an Impact in 2021 – Cryptocurrencies
Shiba Inu grows and promises

Bitcoin: supremacy remains

We haven't closed the year yet, but bitcoin definitely left us an excellent story to tell. It was really madness and for sure you were part of it. We all vibrate with the excitement of seeing the price fall in an impressive way.

We could hear in various ways that it would be the end of the king cryptocurrency.

The opposition by different governments that are power and on the part of investors took part in the fall.

Now we see a Bitcoin recovered 100% and whose analysts predict a currency to reach 6 figures (calculations between 100,000 or 200,000 dollars), how long will it take? We do not know, but we can assure you that excessive growth will continue to come between November and December 2021 and the first quarter of January 2022.

Cryptocurrencies: The Trends That Made an Impact in 2021 – Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin in 6 figures

How to invest in the cryptocurrencies of the moment?

Do not wait for them to tell you, be part of these trends with Exchanges platforms that will help you start investing in cryptocurrencies.

You can start with the opening of demo accounts, thus speeding up the use of it, the investment form and the exchange system.

Generally speaking, I believe that later on we will all need cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Beyond just trading, these will be an essential part of day-to-day trading. It will be essential to start using them to invest and save in currencies that have good stability or profitability.

Cryptocurrencies: The Trends That Made an Impact in 2021 – Cryptocurrencies
Most popular exchanges

Before choosing the best one to your liking, consider validating the most stable opinions you have about them. Binance, Coinbase, eToro, Plus500, LocalBitcoins, and other platforms that have a long history in the cryptocurrency markets will help you.

How can I train?

The tools are available, today there are millions of traders who have learned to buy and sell crypto through tutorials on YouTube, Telegram channels, informative blogs, or even WhatsApp groups.

Indeed, in none of them you should provide your personal data such as passwords and accounts, only what is necessary to support your training.

Cryptocurrencies: The Trends That Made an Impact in 2021 – Cryptocurrencies
Trading Training

We can take advantage of the remainder of the year and ride the wave of bullish trends, a good technical analysis will be the support of great successes. The investment is determined by you and the Exchange will help you make the purchase in the most feasible way.

Analyze other cryptos

These cryptos are only part of the hottest trends so far this year, but we do not ignore the growth of Ethereum, Cardano, Binance, Litecoin and other additional ones that are in the continuous fight for market positioning.

Will we close the year with new surprises?

Possibly we will see a very striking year-end, benefit for investors who dedicated time to the analysis and study of cryptocurrencies.

Perhaps expectations exceed the current reality in prices and market capitalization.