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Solana presents Saga, the first crypto phone for Web 3.0

Jockharber E
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As time goes by, SAGA, a phone that encompasses cryptography, is a completely innovative Smartphone prototype for the time. This same will house great diversity in the unprecedented beginnings of cryptography of this millennium.

So its name is a derivative thanks to the beginning of an era where we have had everything completely available and within reach of our hands.

Saga, appears as a new form of opportunities for all people who have this device.

Saga, first crypto phone.

And even more so when the era of web 3.0 begins, where many computing forecasters announce that we will be in a more technological world than we think.

However, we believe that Android will also surely be implanting a modality in the development system of this important prospect.

What are your news?

The novelty of this mobile device is that it is closely linked to the chain of blocks, what we know today as the Blockchain. This is a clear reality, as it also leaves much to say.

This technology can now be established more directly on a smartphone and can constantly be used quietly, for better management of cryptocurrencies.

The origin was specifically based on the main creators of the Android development, where they are pushing a completely new system and that will surely give great security to the users who take the initiative to buy such equipment.

One of the most significant novelties is that it will be able to run with the Android software and will not have problems linking with other external devices.

Launch of crypto phone, Saga.

When we talk about cryptocurrencies and a mobile device, we can know that there will be a strong gear with digital assets, so you can ask yourself what kind of processor could it have ?

These are some of its features

The processor in this case would be a Qualcomm Snapdragon, so you will get nothing more and nothing less than 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. Fair and necessary for a phone that will obtain real-time data on the movements of cryptocurrencies.

Technology is more surprised every day when we see projects as ambitious as this, well, although we know that the processor must be the most important thing. Also the equipment will obtain a photographic quality of 50 Mp, and an approximate size of 6.8 inches.

What benefits does it offer?

The benefit that it can offer is much better than other devices, of course, only its price should say it all, since the sum of the phone could be around 1000 USD for the entire hardware system that the phone includes.

However, we know that it will not be a simple phone like any other, but that, Saga, it will be much better and safer. Not to mention the proactive ideas they have for cryptocurrency generators, where they may possibly use this phone, not to create them, but to start managing their ideas.

Solana creates Saga, the first crypto phone.

It will have a system very much like a wallet, if not specifically transformed as a physical wallet, in addition to being used as a phone. So the benefit it offers is that it will be an adapter to a digital wallet.

Something that will ultimately fall to cryptocurrency entrepreneurs like a glove. In addition to the portability and ease of its language, which is added for all people to enter the modernization that begins with this impressive cell phone.

It will also provide a completely secure platform, so it will have an encryption system that Solana will only offer in this case to people who want to invest in their mobile device.

And it is that many fans and experts of cryptocurrencies really expect it, a completely secure system where they can feel comfortable using a cell phone of such magnitude as SAGA will be.

Finally, you will also get an extremely comfortable and unique benefit that no other device will have, since it will have a mobile payment system. Much better than the famous Google Play or some type of program that is responsible for paying for this type of application.

For what saga in question will be the greatest innovation of the moment. This implies that it will not be a simple phone and that it will be bought by people who really need functions of such a degree.

Many set their sights on Saga.

What is web 3.0?

Let's review the web, remember that web 1.0 is where the beginning of the internet began. Where people only connected to the network to get one type of information. Where you should have a broad knowledge of how to navigate.

Since, at that time, the research protocols were not as diverse as they are now. This is now a simple process, but we need to understand it, to know where we are and where we will go.

Some time later, web 2.0 became known, where the main research method had already been overcome and where people wanted to communicate from the same country regardless of province, state or, in their case, city.

However, by then you should have a not so high knowledge, but you should have basic knowledge of how to navigate, to be able to do it.

But modernization has arrived and web 3.0 has become a trend, a web where we can all navigate, meet, interact and do endless things on a network where everyone can arrive in a matter of micro seconds.

Web 3.0 also took a 180 degree turn, since its role in this digital age is that thanks to our searches we have a completely different personalization in the world.

Saga, designed with blockchain technology.

Web 3.0 technology uses artificial intelligence to find what we need in record time and with a wide variety of proposals. It is dedicated to a structure that shows the closest thing to what we need.

In our extensive web browsing, they analyze our data, collect information and help us to get what we are looking for with more certainty.


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