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The new Plants vs. Udead

The transformation of a new video game world and the birth of another NFT cryptocurrency

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The new Plants vs. Udead – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
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The doubt that many fans and addicts to cryptocurrencies have been asked since the news was released that the video game "Plants vs. Undead" What is the future of the game and its digital currencies?

On October 14, the creator company released a statement on its Telegram channel and other platforms, where they stated that they planned to make modifications to implement the game to another power.

A real way to try to revive the online platform, which had found itself in decline, as well as its token, and the statement did not generate an immediate positive response either.

In this article we will explain each of these occurrences and how they have affected the scheduling decisions in fall and fall. Do you want to know? Then don't stop reading!

The new Plants vs. Udead – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
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What is Plants vs Undead?

Do you really know what this platform is and how it works? This could be defined as a reinvention of "Plants vs. Zombies", a very popular PC and Xbox game that since its launch in 2009 has been one of the most played video games.

Its composition comes from that inspiration, but really the plants are not even a bit alike. And the zombies? The programmers also claimed that they would be different.

But we really don't know, since the game until now was about caring for plants in farm mode. Which despite having strange and striking designs, did not recreate the same attitude of a plant from "Plants vs. Zombies".

Although, these plants are the asset, which generates even more assets within the game, giving you PVU, its token that works within the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, one of the safest and most used chains in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The winnings are given in the currency of the game, and you can either re-invest in it, buying seeds to grow other plants that give you more benefits, or raise enough to change to another cryptocurrency.

The new Plants vs. Udead – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
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How did it get so low in market cap?

We can say that this is the worst streak the game has had, especially its PVU token, which after reaching the value of $24, today is at $0.25 (A number that a few days ago was even lower).

Her true addiction of multiplayer craving for easy money on the internet, investing just a few dollars, made her skyrocket, spending next to nothing on its launch.

But this great move of PVU, made the game developers not want to lose so much, so they did something to complicate the plays a bit more and put a certain series of rules which did not sit well with the players.

Trying to preserve and give performance to the wave of new players that started every day. They practically left out those who were there from the beginning.

The daily rewards of the game have been decreased and the massive sale of PVUs to add liquidity, caused a catastrophic and very dramatic drop, the coin being worth not even one US dollar. It is alarming!

The new Plants vs. Udead – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
One of the rarest plants in the game

FPVU: New currency to start with the second phase of the game

The news has undoubtedly affected gamers, who are fed up with them changing the rules of the game over and over again, while continuing to deprive them of the possibility of winning more money.

Many believe that the appearance of the new PvP (Player versus Player) modality that brings with it the new FPVU token, within the Factory Chain. It's another bad idea from programmers.

Because all the work that the players had done within the other chain in farm mode is worth practically nothing.

That is, they will do everything again. Here is another reason for the fall of the PVU.

Why else is it worth anything? Why keep having it? In addition, the PvP rewards will also be given in the FPVU token.

It is a separation and a tactic that seems to be the only option that the programmers saw to encourage their audience, even though their confidence in this game is not even the shadow of before.

The new Plants vs. Udead – Cryptocurrencies – WebMediums
What do some plants look like

Bugs: Is it a good time to move on?

This is a topic that has been discussed a lot on virtual platforms such as Twitter, where several users report constant problems or bugs in the farm mode, for a long, long time.

Which, programmers seem to ignore. In addition, we cannot fail to mention the fall it had on its servers.

This puts all these people up to expectations, which demands the improvement of the first modality created.

Because if the one you have been developing for a long time has been like this, what can you expect from the PvP mode?

For this reason, although the PvP mode is already available for iOS and Android devices — they have not put the game on the PC system — the PVU token is still worth less than a dollar. Priced at $0.6 to be exact.

The FPVU data is not yet available.

Perhaps the player does see more earnings in the future. We can only wait a bit, seeing the movement of the masses, and of course the capitalization of the market.

To know for sure if the "Plants vs. Undead" programmers have made a mistake again, or if the public is encouraged to give more for this new modality, than if it seems to be more fun than just farming.